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What degrees from Oxford and Harvard cannot provide, is seen and felt by those whose feet touch the soil, and they look far and beyond. We bring you the earthiness and experience of Bharat.

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We invite comments, opinion, columns on issues of public importance in the service of national interest.



The Catholic Church Continues to Build its Kingdom: Woke Pope Francis Names ‘Climate Change’ Cardinal

The Catholic church is the world’s oldest bureaucracy.  The woke pope who seems to be on his last leg dreams of creating a



Story Behind Denial of Cryogenic Engine Technology to India

25th December 1991, Moscow. The sickle hammer red flag was lowered, signalling the fall of the famous, mammoth, iron wall country the USSR-


Battle of Haifa in the First World War and the bravery of Indian soldiers

One of the finest cavalry attacks in modern military history occurred on September 23, 1918, when Indian and British forces conquered the Israeli city of Haifa from the Ottoman Army. The Battle of Haifa was one of several in the Sinai and Palestine Campaigns to take the critical Suez Canal


The Lost City of Dwarka

Book Review: The Empress of Indraprastha – Entering Kuruvansh

Revenge is not always better, but neither is forgiveness; learn to know them both so that there is no problem  – – a profound quote of Draupadi from Mahabharat The book is an original and unique retelling of Mahabharat from Draupadi’s story. The author has mentioned in the disclaimer that


Indian Navy to test Rafale-M jet for INS Vikrant

With countdown already begun to commission indigenous aircraft carrier 1 as INS Vikrant in August 2022, the Indian Navy will conduct flight trials of Rafale-Maritime fighter at Shore Based Test Facility at INS Hansa in Goa on January 6 onwards as part of its exercise to identify the best warplane

Strategic Affairs

Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit to Begin the Endgame of Chinese Neo-Imperialism?

Is Nancy Pelosi Visit to Taiwan the grand plan of the American Deep State to cause Soviet Style collapse of CCP China?  The US-Taiwan relations got a boost in the month of July 2022 with passing of The National Défense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023, which laid the framework


Indian Politics

Indian Politics is at its inflection point. While the BJP scores gains a firm foothold, there is severe contestation among the opposition parties for the principal opposition role.


Economic Development

India is a superpower in the making. Its development model is unique. It does not necessarily base itself on any dogmatic ideology. Here free enterprise and markets thrive along side massive subsidies and state ownership of major industries.


Indian History

History of India is one the most contested intellectual spaces. On one hand are the brownsahib version of India, and on the other there is a painful freedom struggle of more than 7 centuries.



Is the Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) a bioweapon unleashed on India?

Though there is no real evidence that a Na-Pak neighbor might be responsible for infecting thousands of cattle within India, the question surely does arise in one’s mind given the geography and pattern of spread.  The virus spreads by blood-feeding insects; therefore flies, mosquitos, ticks, and other arthropod vectors serve


Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts With A Single Step..

It was my second visit to Haridwar. I could not stop appreciating the beauty of the River Ganges even though I had seen it a few times earlier. The magnanimity was just overwhelming. There is some aura, some divinity which cannot be put into words but can be easily experienced at


The Desi Englishman & the Fakir


We know the “HOW” we won our freedom but do we really know the “WHY” the British left…Read on


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