There is no let up from the oxymoronic Left-Liberal (Le-Li) gang attack on Hindu activists, Hindu traditions and anything remotely Hindu despite nearly a decade of Modi government rule at the centre. The attack is so toxic that many a times BJP government at the Centre and states often toeContinue Reading

Manufacturers of “Saffron Terrorism” Portray Gujarat as Cauldron of Communalism Congress is the Father of Islamic Communalism in India. It is quite natural for them to promote communal Islamic forces and others fissiparous forces against Hindutva.  In 2013, in an interview given to Headlines Today, the then AICC General SecretaryContinue Reading


The Stalin government with deep rooted hatred for Hinduism, Hindu culture, traditions and knowledge systems has gone berserk against Charak Shapath being administered instead of the Hippocratic Oath to the fresh batch of MBBS students at Madurai Medical College. The visceral hatred for anything associated with Hindu heritage is soContinue Reading