Left-Liberal Attack on Hindu Activists

There is no let up from the oxymoronic Left-Liberal (Le-Li) gang attack on Hindu activists, Hindu traditions and anything remotely Hindu despite nearly a decade of Modi government rule at the centre. The attack is so toxic that many a times BJP government at the Centre and states often toe the leftist anti-Hindu narrative and act on it targeting its own core supporters and slapping FIRs on them.

The leftist media has been on a venomous diatribe against Kajal Hindustani and demonizing her for urging Hindus to be prepared for self-defence in face of brutal jihadi attack with no protection from the State. While the same leftists support jihadis like Mohammad Zubair as an ‘independent journalist’ who through his dog whistling tweets egged on a Sar Tan Se Juda riotous Islamist mob ravaging entire north India hounding Nupur Sharma with gang-rape and beheading threats. Zubair also freely got bail from court of law despite multiple serious charges against him.

The same leftist media went hammer and tongs against Manish Kashyap, a veteran army officer’s son for red flagging purported cases of ‘attack’ on Hindi speaking north Indians in Tamil Nadu. Manish Kashyap has been locked up in jail and charged under NSA like a terrorist with no bail. While the Left-Liberal ecosystem consisting of Islamophilic political parties, media, academia, hail a so-called ‘journalist’ like Siddique Kappan found by the NIA to be involved in terrorist activities and the banned PFI.

Satyam Tiwari in the below video discusses in brief the vice like grip of the left-liberal ecosystem on the media, academia, entertainment industry, judiciary, administrative system creating an apologetic narrative in favour of forces inimical to the security and integrity of the nation while running hate campaigns against Hindu activists and nationalists.

The cliched dialogue of ‘government hamara hai par system unka hai’ acknowledging the helplessness of the Modi government in tackling these entrenched anti-national anti-Hindu forces cannot be an excuse too long as continuation of the same set up would soon pave way for the same anti-Hindu Congress cabal headed by Sonia Maino to claw back to political power in the Centre.

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