Kerala YouTuber arrested for protesting against Muslim restaurant owner for using Hindu religious symbols for duping Hindus

Last Sunday, the owner of a Kochi-based web channel and social media influencer was detained by the Perinthalmanna police in the Malappuram district of Kerala. Police claimed he encouraged animosity amongst religious groups. VK Baiju (44), a native of Pookkottumpadam in the Malappuram district, has been accused of inciting animosity towards a vegetarian hotel in Perinthalmanna in violation of IPC section 153A (creating disharmony or emotions of hostility, hatred, or ill-will amongst various religious groups).

The police said that Baiju was included in the rowdy list of the Pookottumpadam police station. According to the police, there are cases against him in police stations like Pookotumpadam, Kadampuzha and Kozhikode Medical College for crimes such as spreading communal hatred, drinking alcohol in public places, creating traffic jams on the road, violence against scheduled castes and sexual harassment. There are allegations that most of these are trumped-up charges.

Recently, Baiju protested the installation of the Hindu Bhagwan Ganapathy Murthi in a Muslim-run vegetarian hotel through a video blog. According to Baiju, the hotel owner installed the idol there to deceive Hindus.

Perinthalmanna Circle Inspector (CI) Premjith arrested Baiju on the 24th claiming he deliberately spread communal hatred with the intention of destroying religious brotherhood. The Kerala Vyapara Vyavasayi (Merchant’s) Association and the Hotel and Restaurant Association had lodged a complaint with the authorities demanding action. Both are managed by Islamists.

After seeing the video, the district police chief ordered his immediate arrest under non-bailable sections. Baiju was refused bail and remanded by the Perinthalmanna First Class Judicial Court. The Merchant’s Association has also lodged a complaint with the DGP and the Chief Minister, alleging that Baiju had launched a campaign of communal hatred.

Arias Hotel

While returning from a Hanuman temple, Baiju decided to have food at a hotel named Arias (A-Rias). Aryas is a well-known south Bharat food joint that serves vegetarian food. Both are spelled the same in Malayalam. The impersonation does not end there. Baiju found the eatery filled with Hindu devotees and their families. This is what he said in the YouTube video.

“Hindu-owned vegetarian hotel chains are known for their neatness and attract crowds. Islamists have started acquiring namesakes of favorite Hindu hotels and are now supplying their brand of halal food. Several cases of spitting into huge vessels of cooked food in the name of blessing (halal) while reciting Arabic invocations by Islamist religious leaders have appeared on social media.”

“Muslims can never accept a Christian or Hindu Bhagwan.  Yet, some Islamists are now using Hindu Bhagwans and Bhagvathis to sell vegetarian halal food. Such elements use Hindu Murthis merely for financial gains.”

Islamists hate idolatry and are known to ruthlessly usurp properties of Hindus simply because we do not believe in their ideology. Baiju paid the bill using UPI and found that the food joint is owned by Abdul Abdulrahman. He also found a Ganapathy Murthi neatly arranged on top of the cash counter.

Baiju said that “Malappuram has a history of creating Islamist terrorists, much like Pakistan. Yet, here in the same Malappuram, an Islamist is selling food after seeking the blessings of Ganapathy Bhagwan. He admired the bravery shown by Abdurahman to use Hindu Bhagwans and sell food.”

Anyone can sell food as long as he or she satisfies the halal mafia and they get their share of the profits. There are several such eateries in Kerala and Baiju was on a crusade to weed out the ones who were allegedly cheating Hindus. This is why the halal mafia struck and threw Baiju behind bars.

Baiju’s bail application was supposed to come up this week but whether he remains in jail or was released remains unknown. Atrocities against journalists, especially those who fight for Hindu rights are at an all-time high in communist Kerala. Some argue that this is due to the influence of radical Islam on the ruling regime.

Message For Hindus

Those Hindus who complain against non-Hindus who use our deities merely for commercial purposes will be jailed. When the Kerala Police becomes an alleged tool for Jihadi terrorists, the attacks against non-Muslims will only get stronger. When the state fails to stop rumors spread by propagandists motivated by anti-national sentiments, it will lead to anarchy. Hindu society and Organizations of Kerala should stand with Baiju and his family during these dark times.

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