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Left-Liberal Attack on Hindu Activists

There is no let up from the oxymoronic Left-Liberal (Le-Li) gang attack on Hindu activists, Hindu traditions and anything remotely Hindu despite nearly



Leftist “Vikas” — India amends power policy draft to halt new coal-fired capacity

The article below discusses policy changes to the National Electricity Policy (NEP). This is a highly irresponsible step by the BJP government. Wokeness in the name of Vikas is the name of the game to push ill-conceived liberal agendas. The Modi sarkar is advised by HINOs trained in Western Leftist institutions so it is no wonder that policy-making is being driven more and more to please leftist masters. These HINO bureaucrats and stakeholders will do everything possible to further wreck Indian farmers to fight climate change. 
These brainwashed policy-makers want India to import solar panels from China even though India has tons of coal. Coal is not a perfect resource but technology has come a long way and coal plants are not as polluting as framed in the public agenda. There is no need to take on the trade deficit where India can easily harness coal by utilizing advanced filtration technology and minimizing the amount of soot produced and released into the environment. 
India amends power policy draft to halt new coal-fired capacityNEW DELHI/SINGAPORE, May 4 (Reuters) – India plans to stop building new coal-fired power plants, apart from those already in the pipeline, by removing a key clause from the final draft of its National Electricity Policy (NEP), in a major boost to fight climate change, sources said.If approved by the federal cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the draft would make China the only major economy open to fresh requests to add significant new coal-fired capacity.India and China account for about 80% of all active coal projects as most developing nations wind down capacity to meet climate targets. As of January 2023, only 20 countries have more than one coal project planned, according to E3G, an independent climate think tank.”After months of deliberations, we have arrived at a conclusion that we would not need new coal additions apart from the ones already in pipeline,” one of three government sources said.The sources declined to be identified as they are not authorised to speak to the media. India’s power ministry did not respond to requests seeking comment.The new policy, if approved, would not impact the 28.2 GW of coal-based power in various stages of construction, the sources said.China and India have together been lobbying for freedom for countries to choose a roadmap to cut emissions. Reuters GraphicsIndia, whose proposed coal power capacity is the highest after China, had repeatedly refused to set a timeline to phase out coal, citing low per-capita emissions, surging renewable energy capacity and demand for inexpensive fuel sources.Coal is expected to be the dominant fuel in generating electricity in India for decades, but activists have pressed for a halt to new coal-fired plants, arguing this would at least help to reduce the share of the polluting fuel in overall power output. Reuters GraphicsThe draft, India’s first attempt at revising its electricity policy enacted in 2005, also proposes delaying the retirement of old coal-fired plants until energy storage for renewable power becomes financially viable, the sources said.So far, old coal-fired power plants with a cumulative capacity of 13 GW have been earmarked for functioning post retirement deadline to meet high power demand, they said.CHANGE IN STANCEIn the first draft of the NEP in 2021, India had said it may add new coal-fired capacity, though it proposed tighter technology standards to reduce pollution.The Central Electricity Authority, an advisory body to the federal power ministry, had said last year India might have to add as much as 28 GW of new coal-fired power in addition to the plants under construction to address surging power demand.However, the final draft, which will guide India’s policymaking on energy over the next decade, features no references to new coal-fired power, the sources said. Reuters GraphicsIn contrast, China’s National Development and Reform Commission said in a March 2022 document that outlined its energy policy, that the world’s largest coal user “will rationally build advanced coal-fired power plants based on development needs.”China plans to build some 100 new coal-fired power plants to back up wind and solar capacity, which analysts said goes against Beijing’s stated intention to reduce the role of coal.The policy revision could also impact long-term coal prices and miners in Indonesia, Australia and South Africa, as India is the world’s second-largest coal importer.Article source: Reuters Business – Reporting by Sarita Chaganti Singh in New Delhi and Sudarshan Vardhan in Singapore; Additional reporting by Muyu Xu in Singapore; Editing by Sharon Singleton Image: Climate Change News


Naga Sadhus and their fighting skills

Fighting traditions were always there in Sanatan Dharma. When the Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century formed the Nagas as a Hindu army,  a new martial tradition was born. Of all the Hindu akharas, the Nagas were the most militarily equipped and fierce, and their retreats are still referred to

Book Review: Re-evaluating Gandhi: How he delayed Independence and mainstreamed radical Islam 

Verdict: Must-read   Author: Susmit Kumar Pages: 512, MRP: Rs 999, Publisher: Garuda Prakashan Reviewed by: Amit Agarwal, author of Swift Horses Sharp Swords & A Never-Ending Conflict.  Gandhi is revered by the vast majority of Hindus as the hero of Indian independence, and many people throughout the world consider him


Why Yangtse?

Why Yangtse? By: Lt Gen Shantanu, Dayal (Retd)  It had to be Yangtse, the Yangtse, which was blessed by Guru Rimpoche, also known as Padmasambhava, the professor of Nalanda University in the 8th century, who introduced Tantric Buddhism to Tibet. The Yangtse, which has the famous Chumi Gyatse waterfalls, also

Strategic Affairs

Nancy Pelosi Taiwan Visit to Begin the Endgame of Chinese Neo-Imperialism?

Is Nancy Pelosi Visit to Taiwan the grand plan of the American Deep State to cause Soviet Style collapse of CCP China?  The US-Taiwan relations got a boost in the month of July 2022 with passing of The National Défense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023, which laid the framework


Indian Politics

Indian Politics is at its inflection point. While the BJP scores gains a firm foothold, there is severe contestation among the opposition parties for the principal opposition role.


Economic Development

India is a superpower in the making. Its development model is unique. It does not necessarily base itself on any dogmatic ideology. Here free enterprise and markets thrive along side massive subsidies and state ownership of major industries.


Indian History

History of India is one the most contested intellectual spaces. On one hand are the brownsahib version of India, and on the other there is a painful freedom struggle of more than 7 centuries.


Islamist Mobs Attack Ram Navami Procession Across Six States with Stone Pelting & Arson

The celebrations of the joyous festival of the birth of Bhagwan Ram revered by Hindus was attacked brazenly by Islamist mobs across six states in India from Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh leaving several Hindu devotees severely injured and two dead. It has now become a regular


Ujjain Darshan – a SMART Meet

As a person having a Social Media presence, one knows the value of the perfect mix of Time and Authenticity. Certain information or news are extremely time sensitive but if the information/news shared turns out to be even a little bit incorrect, that information/news is discarded and infact, it is



In the din of the Supreme Court verdict upholding 10% Quota for EWS yesterday, a very shocking judgement by the Apex Court bench comprising CJI UU Lalit, Justices S Ravindra Bhat and Bela M Trivedi literally setting free three men sentenced to death for a very dastardly gang-rape and brutal


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