Halal Jihad – An Attempt to Control India Financially

Shri Ramesh Shinde, the National Spokesperson of Hindu Janjagruti Samithi has penned an excellent book on Halal Jihad analysing its impact on Indian economy directly attempting to control the nation financially. Halalonomics is nothing short of economic terrorism as it would cripple the entire financial system of the country with control in the hand of Islamic organisations

Ramesh Shinde in his book questions the modus operandi of the non-governmental certifying authorities running a parallel govt overarching FSSAI and other government bodies. He also explains the logic behind giving Halal certificate for non-food items.

In an interview to PGurus Shri Ramesh Shinde explains the hydra headed Halolonomics spreading its tentacles in all areas of economy not just limiting to food items but extending to Halal hospitals, Halal tourism, Halal Apartments, Halal medicines, Halal cosmetics and what not.

Shri Ramesh Shinde, the national spokesperson of Hindu Jan Jagruti Samiti has been at the forefront of creating awareness amongst Hindus about economic terrorism in the form of Halal Jihad for over 15 years. 

 The book spreads awareness about Halal Jihad which controls nearly 3 Trillion Dollars of economy worldwide which has known to even finance Islamist terrorist activities in many parts of the world including India.

The concept of forcing Halal food on non-Muslims against their religious beliefs is in itself a gross violation of  fundamental rights. Moreover the process of making Halal meat is highly barbaric and involves extreme cruelty towards the animal butchered for meat. It is slowly bled to death causing deep trauma and pain to the animal before it finally dies.

The whole process of making Halal food mandatorily involves only Muslims as per their religious requirements. Hence, we now have an entire Hindu community of butchers called khatiks going out of business and in penury due to sale of only Halal meat in the market be it restaurants, hotels, airlines, trains, or even MNC food outlets like KFC, McDonald’s etc.

Then you have Halal labels extending to non-meat vegetarian food products, cosmetics, clothes, saloons, hospitals, even housing complexes etc. The list of Halal certified products is now endless. Home appliances like refrigerators, microwave ovens manufactured by Sharp Corporation have been certified as Halal products. There are shopping malls which are designated as Halal compliant where only Halal products are sold. 

We also have Halal compliant tourism where Muslims are provided Halal meals, air travel, houses, hotels, prayer halls etc. The main objective of Halal tourism is to divert Muslim money to Muslim countries for tourism and keep them away from travelling to other non-Muslim countries or to extract special packages for Muslim tourists from non-Muslim countries. There are also Halal dating websites like, ‘Mingle’ for Muslims to meet each other.    

Halal Certification Boards are private bodies which have links to Jamat e Islami and rake in huge amounts of money by charging fees from companies desiring to get Halal certification for their products. It is a business where Islamic organisations need no investment. Companies pay them money for the Certification as a narrative is propagated in general to thrust Halal products on non-Muslims. As they cannot make a huge amount of money just by selling Halal products to Muslims. 

In fact the Islamic countries refuse to import any products which are not certified as Halal, thereby they are creating an economy which ensures enrichment of Muslims and conversion of non-Muslims to Islam by sheer economic apartheid. Halal Certification is Economic Apartheid and Economic Jihad on non-Muslims to wipe out Kafirs through economic monopoly.

This book by Shri Ramesh Shinde is designed in such a manner to educate laymen about Halal Jihad in simple easily understandable language and also provides solutions to counter Halal Jihad at individual and community level.

Hence non-Muslims consumers are paying Jaziya tax whenever they buy Halal products. The book highlights that the money generated through Halal economy is used in funding terrorist organizations worldwide. In India the Jamat Ulema e Hind Halal Trust is the primary organization which issues Halal certification, it funds and supports all jihadi terror accused by providing them free legal support including getting them the services of best senior advocates for their acquittal. They are presently supporting 700 accused Islamist terrorists belonging to LeT, Indian Mujahideen, Islamic State, etc. The Jamat Ulema e Hind also finances legal support for Islamist murderers who kill Hindus for so-called “blasphemy”, for instance the Islamist killers who brutally hacked Kamalesh Tiwari, caught on camera, are being given legal support by the Jamat. 

Saying no to Halal products is the first step towards banning Halal certification in India. Invariably all companies including Ramdev Baba’s Patanjali and Haldiram have obtained Halal certificates for their products as exports to Islamic nations mandates Halal Certification and also helps in sale of their products to Muslim consumers in India, as the normal Hindu consumer simply does not care whether they are served Halal or non-Halal products. The price paid by companies in getting this Halal certificate is obviously passed on to the consumers in the cost of these products.