Hatred Against Hindu Boy for Being Brahmin.

Unadulterated venom against Brahmins is not a new phenomenon. The trend began from the time of Islamic invasions and became very acute after the Christian imperialistic invasion during British rule. Brahmins are the main target as they are the custodians of age old Dharmic traditions and ancient knowledge systems which forms the foundation of Sanatana Dharma.

Recently anti-Brahmin hatred rared its ugly head on micro blogging site Twitter, when social media influencer Rupa Murthy, a Kannadiga settled in the USA posted pictures of her son’s Upanayanam conducted a year back. This was enough to trigger a slew of tweets with venomous attack on Rupa Murthy and her minor son, just for being Hindus and following Hindu religious customs.

Politically Perfect examined this unwarranted blind hatred for a Hindu Brahmin boy along with experts like Dr. Govind Raj Shenoy on the history of Brahmin hatred and the significance of Upanayanam ceremony which has been vilified by combined force of communists, Islamists and Christian evangelists to demonize Hindu traditions, divide Hindus and cause inter Jati strife for their ultimate goal of annihilation of Hinduism.

Nitin Meshram, a supreme Court lawyer, in his hatred for Hinduism, audaciously claimed that performance of Upanayanam ceremony should be made a criminal act! Essentially, Nitin Meshram was attacking the freedom of religion and fundamental right to practice one’s religion by launching a tirade against Rupa Murthy and her minor son. In fact, Nitin Meshram can be prosecuted for spreading hatred against an entire community of Brahmins and inciting violence against Brahmins.

It is time that Hindus start initiating legal procedures against such venomous characters whose is part of a cabal to destroy Hinduism by spreading hatred against Hindu culture, traditions and communities.

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