There are many similarities in the histories of India and Israel. Both are much more ancient civilizations than Christianity and Islam, yet they have been victims at the hands of twin barbaric religions. Both have hostile neighbours who hate their very existence. Both gained their independence in the late 1940s.Continue Reading

Are you a Dhimmi? Who is a Dhimmi? Has there been anything remotely resembling a Dhimmi or Zimmi anytime or in any place in world history before the arrival of Islam? Dhimmi Identity and Historical Context The concept of the Dhimmi, or ahl aḏ-ḏimmah/dhimmah, referred to as “the people ofContinue Reading

It is the month of Ramadan, the 9th month in the Islamic calendar. Muslims all around the world go through a month-long fasting period before Eid. More than 1.8 Billion minds are hooked on a practice that is considered one of the five essential pillars of faith. FASTING IN ISLAMContinue Reading