Maulana Aamir Khan’s chadda wasn’t the only one down this week.  The utter buffoonery of the BJP surfaced regarding the 5-star welcome of illegal Rohingya by the Center and Delhi government.  India’s Union Minister for Housing & Urban Affairs & Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas – Hardeep Singh PuriContinue Reading

Hindu-Muslim Ties-4e535df6

We live in an era where lies and half-truths are warp and woof of public discourse. One oft-repeated lie is that Hindu-Muslim tension in India is a post-2014 phenomenon. Prior to Modi being voted to power, all was hunky-dory, between the two communities.   Nothing could be farther from theContinue Reading


SUNNI-SHIA.   The oldest, and most radical, division in Islam began early in its history when members of the Islamic community had differences concerning who should lead the Muslim community after the death of the prophet Muhammad in 732 AD. The majority favored an open election to determine a CaliphContinue Reading

It is an ASYMMETRIC WAR. We hope to fight with the State – Military, Police and Courts. But they fight EVERYWHERE and with EVERYTHING. We fight one faceted war. While they are fighting TOTAL WAR. That is what we need to understand.  What will the army do when it isContinue Reading