Why Major Hindu Temples Are Often Hyphenated with Islamic Mosques/Mazars? 

On the night of May 13, a group of Muslim men tried to forcefully enter the premises of the Trimbakeshwar temple, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Hindus, in Nashik. 

The outrageous act has prompted Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis to order a SIT probe into the issue that is being seen as a deliberate attempt by the Muslims to violate the prominent Hindu temple.

Caught in the eye of a storm, the local Muslims are now trying to hide behind the veil of a so-called centuries-old ritual. What ritual and why? Will the Muslims allow Hindus perform such rituals in the name of secularism even outside the city limits of Mecca that reads aloud non-Muslim are not allowed. 

This ritual is just an excuse to remind their community that Trimbakeshwar was once a mosque. Well, don’t fall off your chair as yet. Allow me to give you a little history trivia.

After destroying Kashi Vishwanath temple and building Gyanvapi mosque over it in 1669, Aurangzeb destroyed another Jyotirlinga Trimbakeshwar temple in 1690 and built a mosque over its ruins. 

The Marathas hadn’t forgotten the humiliation, they recaptured Nashik, pulled down the mosque and rebuilt the existing temple at its original place.  

The followers of the desert cult haven’t forgotten it and are waiting for Gazwa-e-Hind for complete annihilation of Non-Muslims, their culture and faith.

Thus, the annual Muslim ritual of showing loban or frankincense from the temple steps is way to remind their community: Once a mosque, always a mosque. No, I am not making it up.  

Remember what the All India Muslim Personal Law Board had said ahead of Ram Mandir ground breaking ceremony following a Supreme Court verdict that went in favour of Hindus?

AIMPLB termed the Supreme Court verdict on the controversial structure in Ayodhya as extortive, unjust and unfair, claiming that a place that becomes a mosque once, always remains a mosque irrespective of its current status.

Now that you know the mindset. Let me take you to the pages of history. It is common knowledge that Islamic invaders and rulers left no stones unturned to wipe out Hindus and their civilization when they were in power. Hence, almost all major Hindu places of worship were razed down and a mosque built over its debris and idols buried in the steps of the mosque. 

There are hundreds of living examples of how Hindu faith is trampled upon in these occupied structures. Be it Kashi’s Gyanvapi Mosque that stands at the very place where the Original Smayambhhu Vishveshwar Shivlinga had appeared or the Mathura’s Shahi Masjid that is built over the ruins of Krishna Janmabhoomi. The existing temples in Kashi and Mathra are makeshift temples — and not at the original place. 

The Hindus are still fighting a legal case to reclaim these places of worship that were desecrated, destroyed and occupied as symbols of humiliation for the majority community for generations to come.

And if you thought the Triambakeshwar was an isolated incident, think again. 

The followers of the desert cult won’t stop till they have turned the whole world into darul Islam. In a bid to fulfil their dream, the Muslims have now set their eyes on Devbhoomi and haven’t even spared our Char Dhams.

On May 17, a video went viral from where a self-proclaimed ‘aghori sadhu’ Shanantu Vishwas was seen unabashedly endorsing the views of the Muslims.

The phoney monk was seen making offensive comments about Badrinath and Kedarnath, claiming Muslims once performed namaz at Badrinath and Kedarnath temples. That They were earlier known as Badruddin Baba and Kedaruddin Baba, where Muslim priests used to offer namaaj. 

[See video: https://twitter.com/erbmjha/status/1658804542383828994?s=20]

He was later bundled up by the cops after a Hindu pilgrim reported him for hurting Hindu sentiments. 

In 2017, Darul Uloom Deoband’s Maulana Abdul Latif Qasmi also made a similar claim on Badrinath Dham, calling it a ‘shrine of Badruddin Shah’. That it is a religious place for Muslims and it should be returned to them.

These jihadis don’t give two hoots about facts. That their claim won’t stand the test of history. That Badrinath Dham is mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures — including the sacred Hindu epic Mahabharata which predates Islam by at least 3600 years. 

Such random claims on Hindu places of worship without any historical facts and cultural relevance have become commonplace. For, they are assured that their heads would still be in place if they made sacrilegious comments on Hindus, their gods and places of worship. 

The leftists, their ideological slave dhimmi Hindus and their foot-soldier zombies with Madarasa-manicured brains don’t know a thing about history. They, however, are committed to the cause of total annihilation of the world’s only continuing indigenous civilisation. 

Like YouTuber Rohit Pahadi, Sanatanis will have to aggressively and jealously guard their turf and inculcate Atmabodh and Shatrubodh in the future generations.

Like Muslims and Sikhs, Hindus too shouldn’t shy away from adopting zero-tolerance policy for any act of disrespect for their faith, sacred shrines and scriptures. For, ‘Bhai Bin Hoi Na Priti’ THERE IS NO LOVE WITHOUT FEAR!

Article authored by Sanjay Madrasi Pandey.

Featured image sourced from internet.


Sanjay Madrasi Pandey