Why Should Every Hindu Watch The Kerala Story?

Bollywood movies has a long tradition of vilifying Hindu customs, lampooning Hindu deities and berating Hinduism while peddling soft Islamist agenda. This trend has been challenged by only three Hindi movies and one Malayalam movie so far in the recent past considering the long history of Indian cinema over seven decades post-independence.

The Kashmir Files narrated the true story of Kashmiri Hindu genocide in 1989-90 by jihadi terrorists aided by regular Kashmiri Muslim neighbours, The Conversion movie focused on systematic luring of young Hindu girls by Muslim boys with a view to forcibly convert Hindu girls to Islam for rewards from the jihadi conversion mafia. Malayalam movie, Puzha Muthal Puzha Vare (From One River to the Next) by filmmaker Ramasimhan Aboobakker for the very first time gave a glimpse of the blood curdling 1921 Malabar genocide of Hindus by Moplah Muslims, generally referred to as the Moplah riots. Ramasimhan Aboobakker made the movie on personal funds raised by collective donations as regular film financiers who do not bat an eyelid to finance anti-Hindu movies refused to finance the movie on Moplah Riots exposing jihadi massacre and brutal rapes of Hindus in Malabar area of Kerala in 1920 under the garb of Khilafat movement which is often whitewashed by leftists as ‘freedom struggle’ against British rule. Ramasimhan also had a very tough time to clear the movie through Censor Board. Latest movie in the genre of exposing Jihad and Jihadi terrorism is The Kerala Story which exposes a well-organised system of drafting of non-Muslim women as asset for establishment of Islamic Caliphate.

The Kerala Story released on May 5th, 2023, deals with the serious issue of targeting of young Hindu girls by Muslim girls and boys trained by local Islamic Centres to entrap Hindu girls to convert them to Islam and draft them into jihadist terrorist activities and sex slavery. This is done through various methods depending on the temperament, orientation and intelligence of the targeted Hindu girls which includes establishing sexual relations by seducing Hindu girls and later blackmailing them to convert to Islam and later involve them in terrorist activities and sex slavery.

The movie traces the real-life story of three Hindu girls from Kerala lured, converted to Islam and trafficked to Syria to join ISIS. The movie focuses on the process of entrapping young non-Muslim girls by unscrupulous jihadi forces for the unfinished business of Ghazwa e Hind. It is a stark, no nonsense eye opener for Hindu families to show how their children are systematically alienated from the family, Hindu religious traditions and filled with hatred for anything and everything that is non-Islamic, which includes the very targeted girl’s parents. The movie also highlights the fact that many modern Hindu families in their zest to be “secular” fail to introduce Hindu religious customs, traditions and beliefs in systematic manner by explaining the underlying Dharmic philosophy, concept of Divinity in Sanatana Dharma and Dharmic way of life. This proves to be a fatal mistake when such Hindu children are targeted by trained jihadi elements – both men and women propagating ‘greatness of Allah’ while belittling Hindu Deities as powerless jokers. Young confused rootless Hindu girls and boys brought up watching Bollywood movies denigrating Hinduism while glorifying Islam acts as a catalyst to fall into the trap of Islamists targeting them for conversion.

The Kerala Story is a spine chilling never before told story in Indian cinema revealing a dangerous conspiracy hatched against the very sovereignty and identity of India to destroy its liberal value system for turning it into a Dar ul Islam. Although three Hindu girls were successfully trafficked to Syria for terrorist activities as shown in the movie, there are thousands of girls being targeted even as of today and converted to Islam to be drafted into sex slavery or jihadi terrorism or just plain baby making machines for demographic invasion. The formula is simple and custom of Islamists which is as old as Islam to target the females of non-Muslim community for ethnic cleansing by Womb Jihad.

The movie Kerala Story is presented by Sunshine Pictures Pvt. Ltd., Produced by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Directed by Sudipto Sen is a must watch for all Hindus and non-Muslims unaware of the realities of hydra-headed jihad devouring pluralistic liberal families to be replaced by dogmatic violent cultists. The movie releases on May 5th across India in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam.

It is pertinent to mention here that in many states headed by Islamophilic political party government as in Tamil Nadu has unofficially banned The Kerala Story from being screen in theatres from May 6th onwards, despite Madras High Court and Supreme Court refusing to entertain petitions to ban the movie in Tamil Nadu. The defacto unofficial ban is in gross violation of fundamental right to freedom of expression and right to information. It is illegal to not allow screening of a movie passed by the Censor Board. Brazen blackmail of possible Sar Tan Se Juda jihadi mob violence and aggressive protests by Islamists against the movie exposing their modus operandi has made Islamist appeasing political party run governments and administration to enforce illegal ban on screening of the movie in public theatres which would also affect the movie’s revenue. The mainstream media infested with leftists always very keen to cry hoarse and insist on right to unfettered free speech including seditious speech calling for dismemberment of India by Maoists and Islamists, is now going hammer and tongs demanding ban on The Kerala Story movie.

All pluralistic minded liberal Sanatanis should make it a point to watch the movie in theatres, if available, or on the OTT platform. Hindus also need to hit the streets in protest against the unofficial ban on the movie in several places and put pressure on the government to refrain from enforcement of illegal bans.

Find beneath the official trailer of The Kerala Story for a quick peek into the movie storyline and treatment.