Jain Acharya Lokesh Muni Resoundingly Opposes Islamist Supremacy in Guise of Inter-faith Meet.  

Sanatanis should be proud and thankful to Jain Acharya Lokesh Muni for walking out of the insidiously Islamist supremacist ideology packaged meet by Madani brothers of Jamaat Ulema e Hind, in a so-called interfaith syncretism dialogue on the last day of the three-day Jamaat conference which concluded last Sunday.

A direct implication of the speeches made by the Madani cousins, Arshad Madani and Mehmood Madani is their dangerous supremacist claim on Bharat as a land of Islam by suggesting that the first prophet of Islam, Abul Bashar Sayyed Adam hailed from Bharat and thus, Bharat is the land of Islam. Notably, Muslims world over believe that all human beings are children of Abul Bashar Sayyed Adam.

Arshad Madani, the Chief of Jamaat Ulema e Hind (Arshad faction) further went on to suggest that Adam was a contemporary of Manu and prayed to Allah. He then made wild claims that there were no Gods like Rama, Brahma and Shiva during the time of Manu’ and according to him, Manu prayed to OM which is ‘air’, has no shape nor form, a supreme being, and is actually Allah! He brazenly claimed Manu worshipped one God that was Allah!

The twisted Madani brothers in the guise of OM and Allah are the same and Allah is the only God theory wants to grab Bharat like the Prophet of Islam, Mohammad usurped Mecca by laying claim on the holy Temple of Kaba by accusing the Pagan Meccans of worshipping false Gods and having deviated from monotheistic ‘Allah’. Mecca was invaded and the holy Temple at Kaba was destroyed to be convert into an Islamic centre.

The Jain Acharya Lokesh Muni walked out of the conference by denouncing this garbled Islamist supremacist theory and insisted that it is an insult to other Dharmagurus to accept this nonsensical Islamist theory of calling their pious holy land an Islamic territory of Adam. He said that we believe in living in harmony but reject this Allah, Manu, and Om story peddled by Madani. He told Madani and the Islamists gathered that he can tell better stories on OM, Allah and Manu than Madani. He also challenged Madani to come for a debate on this matter either in Delhi, where the Jain Muni stays or in Saharanpur where the Madanis hail from.

The Muni also reiterated that the land of Bharat derives its name from the First Jain Thirthankara Rishabnath’s eldest son Bharat in the Ikshvaku dynasty who ruled Ayodhya.

So, this fake concocted story of Adam living in Bharat and praying to Allah does not hold any water and is more an exercise to violently lay a claim over Bharat and change its religious character. Notably, both the Madani cousins condemned Gharwapasi as suggested by RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat and insisted Bharat is the natural land of Muslims and Islam is the oldest religion!

The Jain Muni later said he could not watch mutely Madani abusing and insulting the religious and cultural sentiments of Sanatanis without lodging his protest and walked out with the other Dharmagurus. He also reiterated he was ready to bravely die, if need be, for registering his dissent and opposition to gross denigration of his Dharmic beliefs and traditional heritage by Islamic leaders like Madani, rather than keep quiet and let them freely assault his religious sentiments. 

This is the first time Islamists got a taste of real Sanatani resilience with the Jain Muni sticking to his Sanatani belief and staging a walk out with other Dharmagurus, which included Sikh religious leaders. Generally, the Islamists and Christian evangelists get away with imposing their Abrahamist supremacy under the garb of ‘inter-faith dialogue’ and ‘peace meet’ to claim fundamental right to convert Bharat into an Islamic nation or Christendom. This time around these Islamist supremacy frauds were resoundingly shown their place. It is very encouraging that Acharya Lokesh Muni could not only see through the shenanigans of the Madanis using ‘inter-faith meet’ as foundation for Ghazwa-e-Hind, but also vociferously protest against it in the midst of hundreds of Muslims cheering the Madanis.

Followers of a barbaric 7th-century desert cult that sanctions necrophilia, rape, murder and violent jihad to obliterate the non-believers are now claiming to be older than a highly evolved and creative civilized Vedic society that is as old as human memory!

We need more Dharmagurus like Acharya Lokesh Muni to expose and shame jihadi supremacy publicly. More power to him!