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“Heeramandi” (Diamond Bazar) is an Indian web series directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who proudly claims that he’s not interested in ordinary women standing in a ration line or something like that. Set in pre-independence India, the series delves into the lives of courtesans (tawayafs) in then Akand Bharat’s Lahore’sContinue Reading


This critique contains spoilers, so read with discernment. I liked Ranbir’s acting in Wake Up Sid, thought he has played dumb, coming-of-age characters singing and dancing around a tree ever since. This is not just his fault but lousy writing and lame direction as well. Enter Animal. There are plentyContinue Reading

OTT platforms increasingly normalize gender narratives. Disney is one such OTT that has been disseminating gender narratives aimed at impressionable children. Here are a few facts which matter: A.) Sex a Biological Construct:  Sex is a biological construct based on reality. Sex is fundamental to humans, primates, mammals, and variousContinue Reading

It has now become highly predictable on every Hindu festival for commercial business houses to join ranks with the communist-Islamist-Christianist cabal to issue homilies to Hindus on how barbaric or environmentally polluting Hindu festivals are celebrated. It is a norm now for business houses to come up with advertisements onContinue Reading