Dravidian slaves who portray women as vile beast to fulfill their lust, go burn your ideology. They choose to quote a mischievously false translation of Manusmirti and venomous commentary written by their Hindu hating leader, K Veeramani to spread lies that Mansumriti demeans Shudras. A Raja of 2G scam fame, Continue Reading

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The limited English language is causing confusion these days in how one perceives a teacher versus a guru.  The term ‘guru’ cannot be sufficiently translated as ‘teacher.’  A guru is much, much more than a teacher.     The term which comprises ‘gu’ and ‘ru’ usually means the dispeller of darkness. Continue Reading

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Honorable CJI Ramana,   In your recent address to Indian American audience you said, ‘Let me make it clear, we (SC) are answerable to the Constitution and the the Constitution alone, to enforce checks and balances enshrined in the constitution, we need to promote constitutional culture in India and spreadContinue Reading

On July 17, Ikkjutt Jammu Party (IJP) held protests across Jammu province to attract attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ Government to its demand seeking separation of Jammu province from Kashmir and statehood status for what they called ‘their enslaved region’. The protests were held simultaneously in Jammu, Kathua, Samba,Continue Reading