Historical Context Myths, legends, folktales, and folklores teach us moral lessons.  Usually, animals are personified in order to convey a dilemma and the resolution of the story is where we, the next generation, learn valuable lessons from these stories.  Our elders play a role in passing these stories down from generationContinue Reading

The Supreme Court with over 60,000 pending cases, on Friday obsessively heard not one but two cases targeting Suresh Chavhanke in two different benches prejudicially branding him a ‘serial offender’ of ‘hate speech’ demanding severe action and arrest. The Supreme Court generally zealously protects the free speech of television channels,Continue Reading

Dravidian slaves who portray women as vile beast to fulfill their lust, go burn your ideology. They choose to quote a mischievously false translation of Manusmirti and venomous commentary written by their Hindu hating leader, K Veeramani to spread lies that Mansumriti demeans Shudras. A Raja of 2G scam fame, Continue Reading

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The limited English language is causing confusion these days in how one perceives a teacher versus a guru.  The term ‘guru’ cannot be sufficiently translated as ‘teacher.’  A guru is much, much more than a teacher.     The term which comprises ‘gu’ and ‘ru’ usually means the dispeller of darkness. Continue Reading