There were numerous attempts to define universe and its boundaries. Some proposed universe to be a space-time fabric. Some tried to define “cosmological constant” for the universe. Many theories like Einstein Relative Universe, Newton’s Infinite Universe, Hubble’s Expanding and several other theories have tried to define universe models. All of them concluded that the space is homogenous and isotropic (same in all directions). These models also say that universe has finite lifetime. It means that there is a time when universe did not exist.

From here begins concept of Shiva. This concept “Shiva” is woven into the Indian Civilization and is misleadingly equated to that of Shankara. But there is a huge difference in the concepts of the two. Shiva equates to Shiva tattva, the factor which was common before existence. It is the highest form of consciousness where every object of this universe can be seen evolving from. It is in its silent and timeless form without any motion or space. A mere impulse of realization of “Aham Brahmasmi” (I am Brahm) can be popularly confused…Continue Reading


The Federal Republic of Germany was the EU country with the largest herd of dairy cows in 2020. Dairy cows in the country numbered approximately 4 million. It’s so huge that Russia bought 45000 dairy cows from Europe in the year 2019. The US6410059B1 patent relates to new use of a known abundantly available cow urine distillate as an enhancer of antibiotic action on the target.

…Cow Milk, Cow Dung, Cow Urine, Medicines, importantly while accomplishing all this, the Cow based farming maintains ecological balance beautifully. The fertility of soil increases with the use of cow based products. This makes it possible for farmers to take multiple crops in an year and earn more profits. People in the West are increasingly taking to Cow hug for hours as a healing therapy for various illnesses so you get some bugs for a “Cow Hug”.Continue Reading


Believe it or not! Geometry just happened during Vedic Rituals, for him. Baudhayan coined many geometrical concepts, one amongst them now known as “Pythagoras Theorem”. Before quoting Baudhayan, let’s find out who was Pythagoras. According to experts, Pythagoras could have existed during the period from 570 BC to 490 BC.Continue Reading