Why hug cows? They are Hindus.

The Federal Republic of Germany was the EU country with the largest herd of dairy cows in 2020. Dairy cows in the country numbered approximately 4 million. It’s so huge that Russia bought 45000 dairy cows from Europe in the year 2019. The US6410059B1 patent relates to new use of a known abundantly available cow urine distillate as an enhancer of antibiotic action on the target.

Cow dung is a type of organic fertilizer. It increases the fertility of the soil by increasing the nutrients in it. Excessive cow dung does not harm the soil as it is not chemical in nature.In a new study from the American Society of Agronomy, experts have discovered that excess cow manure leads to healthier soils that have improved microbial communities. Cow dung can be used not only as a fertilizer but also for cooking in rural places. 

In India, for last few decades, especially since Green Revolution and usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and tractors, have dealt a massive blow to importance of cows in agriculture. While productivity levels have improved in short term, it has damaged the farming ecosystem. The damage has been so extensive that now it requires a major overhaul, for which Cow based Organic farming is the only remedy.  Not only the artificial chemical fertilizers are damaging the soil and water, but they are also very expensive when compared to Cow based natural fertilizers. 

Indian farmers have been lured into believing that they don’t need Cows any more due dangerous drive for usage of high productivity and chemical fertilizers. Which has accentuated the agrarian crisis leading to literally thousands of farmer suicides and banks in distress who lend money to them.

For profit seekers, the following products of cows makes it an advantage, Cow Milk, Cow Dung, Cow Urine, Medicines, importantly while accomplishing all this, the Cow based farming maintains ecological balance beautifully. The fertility of soil increases with the use of cow based products. This makes it possible for farmers to take multiple crops in an year and earn more profits. People in the West are increasingly taking to Cow hug for hours as a healing therapy for various illnesses so you get some bugs for a “Cow Hug”.

Now a quick search for the word “Hindu” gives zero results as “Cannot find Hindu”. But yes, cow has been integral part of Vedic Culture, now denoted as Bharat. It is still worshipped in many customs and is popularly correlated to Hindu Tradition. Finally it’s your call on “Why to Hug Cows ?”

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