Science of Shiva

There were numerous attempts to define universe and its boundaries. Some proposed universe to be a space-time fabric. Some tried to define “cosmological constant” for the universe. Many theories like Einstein Relative Universe, Newton’s Infinite Universe, Hubble’s Expanding and several other theories have tried to define universe models. All of them concluded that the space is homogenous and isotropic (same in all directions). These models also say that universe has finite lifetime. It means that there is a time when universe did not exist.

From here begins concept of Shiva. This concept “Shiva” is woven into the Indian Civilization and is misleadingly equated to that of Shankara. But there is a huge difference in the concepts of the two. Shiva equates to Shiva tattva, the factor which was common before existence. It is the highest form of consciousness where every object of this universe can be seen evolving from. It is in its silent and timeless form without any motion or space. A mere impulse of realization of “Aham Brahmasmi” (I am Brahm) can be popularly confused with the state of consciousness of “Shiva”. The realization “Aham Brahmasmi” is no doubt mesmerizing, but it can limit itself to the experience tagged as “divine”. As already stated, the concept of “Shiva” is beyond space-time fabric and achieving this state is equivalent to becoming immortal. This can be correlated to “yogis” who are not aware about their age in the space-time fabric.

The Yogis exist in the state of Shiva and not merely limited only in its experience. Permanent existence in such immortal state as that of “Shiva” is defined as “Yog Kshem” in Vedas and in Bhagwad Gita, where Krishna spoke about it. Shri Krishna has clearly described the ways in which you can be permanently in the state of “Yogi” or in the state of “Shiva” while discharging your duties.  For Example: Your mouth is bitter. You experienced sweetness through Jaggery. You just shortly experienced it and later the Jaggery & its effect is gone, you are back to the bitter mouth. On the other hand, there can be someone who can always have sweetness in their mouth without “Jaggery” and there can be a person who always has “Jaggery” in the mouth. The sweetness is the Highest form of consciousness. The Jaggery signifies the ways, tools or medium with which you achieve sweetness. Once you have the Jaggery and you realized it, it makes you “Brahm Gyaani” with experience. If you have permanent sweetness in your mouth, it implies your yog has reached the level of a “yogi” as described before.

Everything in this universe started with a vibration in a homogenous cosmic matter. The Higgs Bosson Theory defines the fundamental particle with even parity and no spin popularly known as God Particle, which is responsible for interaction with particles and gives them their mass, is detectable when it starts vibrating. In other words, the mass of matter is due to the vibrations in them! A scientific theory mentioning “God” may not sound strange but yes, a scientist talking about “Shiva” might be viewed as “religiously biased”.

Coming back to vibrations. Mahashiv Ratri is the time when the space-time fabric of this universe is at high level of vibrations. If you are able to align with it, it shall reverberate within you towards some astonishing serenity called as “mystic”. The planetary placements & cosmic alignments on this night are the best to experience the so called “divine”. You can choose to align with it to lead a life of higher conscious or else it’s just a night and something that existed before existence. “Shiva” is immortal and hence called Anant. There is no beginning nor end. Shiva is Eternal

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