Modi Throws Scraps at Hindus for Votes: Too Little Too Late

In ancient Rome, politicians used to gather votes from citizens by paying for what is now considered barbaric sporting events where exotic animals were set up against gladiators. Mishaps, dismemberment, and death in these bloody sports were a way to keep the public entertained and prominent elites spent fortunes on violent sports for votes. Can we imagine politicians doing similar things today for votes? Well, the recent announcement on adoption of revised NCERT textbooks by the BJP government at the Centre and Uttar Pradesh seems to be attached to an agenda as well.

Social Media has begun celebrating the news that the Modi government has revised National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) textbooks for 12th-standard students for CBSE school. Blind supporters of the Bharatiya Janata Party are elated that the Uttar Pradesh BJP government headed by Yogi Adityanath has decided to adopt these revised 12 std NCERT textbooks for CBSE schools in UP and some UP State Board schools that use NCERT textbooks from the next academic year 2023-24. 

While generations of children have imbibed imaginary glorious stories of the Muslim invaders which cleverly hid their barbaric bigoted crimes since the 2nd standard, the government has now declared that the same glorification-regurgitation will not be present in the 12th standard books though no change will occur to overhaul NCERT or teach the real Mughal and Islamic invasion history. Education is the great equalizer, but is this gesture from the government too little too late?


Any policy gestures that originate right before election season are considered suspect. The current BJP government, both at the centre and state, is well aware of the blunders in other areas as well as the None of the Above (NOTA) option being on the public agenda as a response to the non-doing of the so-called “Hindu” political party.

Many blind followers hail PM Narendra Modi as the divine Kalki avatar and savior of Hindus. However, he seems to be either too image conscious and consumed with the idea of getting a Nobel Peace Prize as an approved mark of approval from the worldwide Abrahamists or just like any other seasoned politician the main goal is to ensure staying in power. One needs to question the motive and efficacy of the half-baked textbook revision policy of the central government and what impact the BJP is assuming it will have in terms of election dividends.

If the Modi government truly wants to fight for the Hindu cause after nine years of promises, they can certainly start by scrapping the disproportionate amount of monies dedicated to exclusive ‘minority’, read Muslim and Christian, scholarships and appeasements. Hindu money is funding the demise of Hindus – this is something that cheerleaders in the party and folks in public might not be fully aware of.

Such token gestures do absolutely nothing to advance any pro-Hindu political agenda nor does it lessen the burden of Hindu taxes and Temple donations going toward decimating the Hindu on the ground. This gesture frankly is not enough and sleeping Hindus need to demand answers from a government that has been elected with a mandate to bring forth promised changes.


Smart policy-makers must be aware that it makes no difference to make the change at this level. If they truly want to make any difference or care about Hindu votes, this type of lame appeasement is too little. The change needs to be implemented way earlier so it has the right psychological effect. What is the point of brainwashing the kids of Mughal glories built on Hindu blood all through their academic pathway and then suddenly pulling the plug at 12th standard? The damage has already been done in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th.

One ponders the intention of this scrap being thrown at Hindus during election season. The current government has rarely kept the promises made while Hindus have patiently waited nine, long years for any such thing to be implemented. While many sycophants are welcoming this change as the greatest thing since Independence, no one is looking at the root of the problem – the nincompoop left dominated NCERT board where zero changes are proposed for a true overhaul.

Students near graduation are generally not paying attention to content in their last year anyway so what is the point of such political grandstanding? Have any research studies been showing the efficacy of non-Mughal content instruction in 12th graders? What is this policy move based on? A middle-class well aware educated Hindu on the ground needs to start asking questions instead of cheering bad policy-making.

In conclusion, enough Hindus have sacrificed to keep the present government in power. Hindus are not dogs that need scraps thrown at them last minute. If India ever dreams of being a Vishwaguru, Hindus need to go back to square one and develop a Sanatana Dharma-friendly educational curriculum that depicts the true history of Bharatvarsha. Co-opted NCERT brown sahibs and reservation-based babus have taken Indians for a ride for way too long and Hindus need to demand actual change in exchange for their electoral investment. Also, the old 12th standard textbooks will be of no use soon enough (if the policy is successfully implemented), so these manuals full of lies ought to be burned as a symbolic gesture to end mental slavery and also to ensure that they don’t end up in Mughal-friendly hands, i.e.  Afghanistan donations for madrasas in the name of Bhaichara.