BJP’s Iconoclasm of Tirtha Kshetras as Tourist Spots

Every effort is being made to hide the fact that India is being sold; Hindus are increasingly becoming victims to party politics and their pro-Abrahamic agendas.  Part of such agendas involves the slow and sure erasing of Hindu religious customs and beliefs.  The Education Ministry, Ministry of Minority Affairs, and electoral vote bank politics all kowtow to the Abrahamic, demonic agenda against Hindus.  Not just the legislature but the Indian courts are sold out, siding more and more with these destructive forces.  Government control of temples is a big cash cow that generates massive revenue from Hindu pockets and is almost always spent lavishly on so-called minorities in India.  

The Government of India (GoI), and/or the BJP party in power has zero incentive to let go of control of temples.  Temples too are experiencing brutal eliminations in the name of progress.  Inside the temples one can find untrained priests as woke, anti-Brahmin agendas take hold.  Temple bells are removed, prayers and chanting are changed, and subtle and non-subtle imposition of Abrahamic practices are inserted into Hindus’ sacred space. 

The GoI is also mindlessly blowing up mountains and spaces citing Vikas and this is generating negative consequences for temples and other sacred places in the area.  For example, the brainless breaking of hill spaces and boulders for roads and underground blasts by NTPC for power projects in ecologically sensitive areas like Uttarakhand, etc., have more adverse effects on the environment and safety of settlements in hill areas and are more destructive than any Vikas. Not only has it triggered landslides in Chamoli and Joshimath. It has also caused great loss to ancient Temples in Joshimath with the cracking of the holy Shiva linga at the Shankaracharya Madhav Ashram Temple. Huge cracks have appeared in the Laxmi Narayan Temple complex. The 1000-year-old Shankaracharya Math instituted by Adi Shankaracharya at Joshimath has developed severe cracks and sunk by six inches, Chotti Kashi area is equally vulnerable and the 1000 years old Laxmi Narayan Temple founded by Adi Shankara is at risk of caving in due to the blasting and drilling activities of NTPC. The mindless power projects started by the Congress government in 2006 in the sensitive Devbhoomi Uttarakhand area are being pursued by the Narendra Modi government with gusto leading to further ecological and Dharmic disasters.

Such iconoclastic activities of government are just as bad as the iconoclasm of Islamist rulers like Alauddin Khilji, Babar, Sikander Bhutshikan or Aurangzeb, etc. The only difference being the latter’s actions were brazenly dictated by hatred for Hinduism and Hindu Gods and the government today simply does not care about preserving and protecting the sacredness of the Pranaprathistith Mandirs of yore. The earlier UPA government headed by the Indian National Congress (INC/Congress) too wanted to break the Ram Setu for a pea-brained Setusamudram project, which was thankfully stopped by Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s PIL. In any case, the Setusamudram project was given a green signal by the previous NDA government headed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. So, the irreverence for holy places for so-called development is not limited to the Congress party. The only difference is that the Congress like the Mughals openly show their disdain for Hinduism and calls Prabhu Shri Ram a myth, whereas the BJP does the same act by stealth under the pretense of Vikas. Such activities are irreparable and it is always Hindus who are on the receiving end of destructive development.  

The demon in disguise is Vikas.  Vikas, personified is the idea of development.  It may or may not be actual development but the current Prime Minister of India has been pushing real and fake Vikas mostly on unsuspecting Hindus.  Vikas saw the destruction of many ancient temples and structures in Kashi.  The reason given was to build a modern corridor.  Similar Vikas can be seen at the Golden Temple with attempts to make it look like the Vatican.  There are talks underway to make certain Jain sacred spaces like the Sammed Shikharji atop Parasnath hills more “accessible” and eliminate the idea of shram or difficulty of getting to the sacred place.  The latest victim of Vikas is Madhya Pradesh and the Mahakal Temple where the new corridor has turned sacred into obscene.  Bright disco-colored lights, loud music which isn’t always dharmic in nature, stalls selling chicken biryani within Mandir proximity, and the overexpression of commercial elements are slowly erasing the idea of Darshan and worship.  In short, Dharmic places are either being demolished or turned into profane expressions of economics.  There is no need to build carnival and rollercoaster-type things where people stuff their faces with pizza.  

The victim is always the unsuspecting Hindu. The Hindus are fooled into believing that this is good for their religion and that economic progress should be held above spiritual progress.  Places of worship should be preserved, ancient structures ought to be maintained.  However, the current government is hell-bent on destroying the spiritual which is not well-protected, and also turning the well-known sacred places into tourist hell holes.  For example, there is a dire need to put money towards Orchha; cleaning up the place, and the fort complex and better maintaining one of the iconic Ram Raja Mandir in the area.  Instead, the money for Madhya Pradesh ends up going toward the Shiva temple and turning it into an embarrassing spectacle.   

Sacred spaces might be tourist attractions but they do not need to be turned into a joke.  Hotels with bars, mutton-chicken menus, and low-life elements are being introduced at a fast rate.  Such plans are not benign – they are evil and mindless in the sense there is no idea of what the sacred entails.  Resorts, malls, and non-veg restaurants are not necessarily progress or Vikas.  In fact, many Dharmics will stop visiting such profane places as they will have lost their original meaning.  

The BJP is constantly getting things wrong for their biggest vote bank – the Hindus.  The BJP is often derogatorily addressed as the Bhaijaaan party given that they’ve spent more effort kowtowing to inbred entities who will never actually vote for them let alone care about them.  There is little difference between the Vatican-Mecca-driven INC or Congress party and the Vatican-Mecca-driven BJP party.  The one constantly drawing the short stick is the Hindu and other belief systems which emerged from it.  People need to call out the duffer-blind netas and fat babus who are killing the sacred.

A Thirtha Yatra is not Spiritual Tourism for commerce, so Tirtha Kshetras cannot be morphed into Tourist Spots.  Stop messing with our sacred spaces. The BJP should not forget that the Congress has been reduced to a marginal opposition party and Bollywood diminished to a pygmy because Hindus are no longer willing to be the doormats.

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