When will Civilized World Stop Genocide of Sindhi Hindus in Islamic Pakistan?

While the world is consumed by the crisis in Ukraine, it is blissfully unaware of the horrendous continued genocide of religious minorities in the Sindh Province of Pakistan. The civilized society world over, turns a blind eye to the abysmally pitiful condition of Hindus in Sindh, the very birthplace of the ancient Harappan nee Vedic civilization, the oldest civilization in the world. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has turned this very special holy land of Sindh into a cursed place drenched with the blood of innocent men, women, children, and young girls just because they are Hindus and do not follow Islam.

Districts of Sindh Province in Pakistan

Post-independence and partition of India, Hindus who remained in the East Pakistan constituted 18% of the population of Pakistan while many of their relatives and the rest of the community were forced to flee to India as well as various parts of the world such as the USA, United Kingdom, etc. due to massive rapes. massacre and destruction of Hindu properties by Islamist supremacist jihadi rioters.

 Currently, the Sindhi Hindu population has been reduced to a minuscule minority of 1.5% of Pakistan’s total population in just a span of 75 years.  This highlights the fact that Hindus in Pakistan have been dwindling precariously over time as a result of the persecution of minorities, forced conversions,  kidnapping, or plain brutal killing and burning, like the recent case of three children burnt alive while sleeping outdoors in their yard, on a cot.

Most of the Hindus in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are concentrated in the province of Sindh. The Hindus of Sindh belong to the most marginalized sections of society, poor Tribals and Scheduled Caste. The jobs of sweepers, toilet cleaners, and work of cleaning septic tanks containing human feces are restricted to employ only Hindus from these marginalized communities. Social discrimination is of the worst kind in rural Pakistan, where Dalit Hindus are routinely lynched to death just for accidentally drinking water or tea from the same glass used for Muslims. The present article only gives a small glimpse of what the Hindus in Sindh suffer on a daily basis.

Take the case of Puja Kumari an 18-year-old Sindhi Hindu girl who was shot dead after an abduction attempt by radical Islamic extremists was foiled.  She was brutally killed in broad daylight because she put up a fight against her kidnappers. A 13-year-old minor Hindu girl named Satari Oad was forcefully kidnapped and converted against her wishes to be married off to a much older middle-aged Muslim called Md Omar Shafi in Pakistan. Find below picture of 18yr old Puja Kumari.

Anita Meghwar was also kidnapped from her home, converted and forced to marry her kidnapper.

Nina Kohli a 12 year old Hindu minor girl was raped murdered, and her body thrown into a well in March 2022 as reported by Voice of Pakistan Minority.

Another Hindu minor Mira Bhatt was kidnapped from Mirpurkhas, Sindh, to be forcefully converted against her wishes to Islam at 11 years of age.

Find above minor Sindhi Hindu girl Chanda Mehraj‘s mother appealing for her release from Islamist kidnappers.

If we think this is an organized crime only against young girls and women, we are mistaken. 

35-year-old Laloo Kacchi was brutally thrashed by an Islamist mob in Sindh Pakistan. The frenzied bloodthirsty mob was spearheaded by Obaidullah Khosi on December 25th. Laloo Kacchi resisted the mob’s attempt to abduct his sister, Lali in Umerkot, Sindh. Laloo Kacchi died on Jan 1, 2023, succumbing to his injuries. 

Abducted sister (left) and mother (right) of a deceased Pakistani Hindu waiting for justice (Credits: Swarajya)

Faqir Shiva Kacchi with Twitter profile @FaqirShiva tweeted that although Killer Obaidullah was arrested, he was later released from Kunri Police station following a phone call from an influential political person. The FIR or First Investigation Report was altered to absolve Abdullah from the murder of Laloo Kacchi, by bribing the Police with a large sum of money. Laloo Kacchi’s death was wasted as the mob eventually did successfully abduct his sister for whom Laloo Kacchi fought so hard and sacrificed his life in vain. The mother of these two Hindus has been fighting for a fair FIR to be filed, but the modern world knows Abdulla and his mob will go scot-free and not be brought to justice for this brazen murder and kidnapping barbarism. 

Welcome to Sindh Pakistan, where Hindus are treated worse than animals. Just like their forefathers have been treated since 1947. Some of them manage to flee to India and other parts of the world. But there are 7.5 million such souls languishing in a hellish environment under the eagle eye of Pakistani Intelligence network ISI. Religious vendetta and decades of being able to get away with barbarous acts of raping Hindus, killing Hindus, burning Hindus, destroying Hindu houses, is just another day for a Pakistani Muslim majority in Sindh Pakistan. The harried and oppressed Hindus of Sindh who decide to give up their ancestral home and hearth and flee to a more equal compassionate part of the earth, are stopped at the United Nations Human Rights office in Islamabad fooling them that New Minority laws are around the corner and would render them safety. 

The UNCHR office in Islamabad is mostly filled with local employees from Pakistan’s Punjab Province who do not want the world to know how badly Hindus are treated in Sindh. Even those who escape Pakistan refuse to speak up even when miles away from the brutalities of Pakistan, as they have relatives in Pakistan who are being monitored by ISI units of Pakistan. Hindus who manage to escape do not want their relatives in Sindh to die because they spoke against the atrocities perpetrated on them for being Hindus in Pakistan. This bears an eerie resemblance to fleeing Chinese refusing to speak a word against CCP even after they are in free countries post escape from China. This is usually to prevent CCP’s agents from watching them even in the countries they escape to. 

With outrage via social media on tweets from Bheel community, one of the many marginalised Hindu communities in Sindh, revealed that finally a murder case was registered against the accused Obaidullah Khosi and others in the mob who killed Laloo Kacchi near Nabisar. However, the judicial system of Pakistan is a mockery of any justice delivery system based on rule of law.

Laloo Kacchi picture sourced from Narain Das Bheel’s Tweet

Obaidullah had earlier kidnapped Laloo Kacchi’s sister Lali in November 2022 and kept her imprisoned in his home, to convert her forcefully to Islam. Lali was already a married Hindu woman. An enraged Hindu community rescued Lali after putting up a huge community effort and also filed a criminal complaint to the Sindh Police against Obaidullah. Laloo Kacchi, Lali’s Hindu brother testified in court that Obaidullah had indeed kidnapped his sister by force. Hence Lali the married Hindu woman was returned to her family by judicial order and rejoined her brother. Obaidulla had threatened Laloo Kacchi in the very court premises and also followed through on his threat to kill Laloo Kacchi. He barged into Laloo’s house to kidnap Lali again. When Laloo resisted, Obaidulla wanted a quick finish to his kidnapping project this time, without involving the courts. Hence, he attacked Laloo along with the Islamist lynch mob which accompanied him. Injuries from that attack killed Laloo Kacchi eventually. Lali, his married sister remains abducted by Obaidullah. This incident did not create an uproar in global media, which is accustomed to outrage at the drop of a hat. Why? Because Laloo Kacchi and his sister Lali are minority Hindus in Islamic Pakistan. If the reverse were to happen in India and the brother and sister were Muslims, the entire global media would have been up in arms against India and the UNCHR would have sent suo motu missives to India!

Life in Sindh and world goes on as usual regardless of the plight of a dead brother and a kidnapped sister targeted by Islamists. This incident is not an anamoly it is a regular mode of ethnic cleansing adopted since the time of partition in 1947. The local Muslims who are the majority in Sindh Pakistan, go about their business. They take this molestation, forced conversions, and attacks to kill Hindus as just another day in their lives. Islamic Sharia is the rule of law in Pakistan.

 The country has witnessed multiple instances of false accusations of Blasphemy on religious minorities and large frenzied lynch mobs attacking minorities on the pretext of blasphemy. Daily at least three Hindu girls are identified, followed by local Muslim gangs and systematically kidnapped followed by forced conversions, after which the Hindu girls are never allowed to maintain any connection with their Hindu parents in Pakistan. While every day at least three Hindu girls are subjected to this atrocity, of being kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam in Pakistan, the developed western world with all its pretense of civilized society does not even bat an eyelid of concern. Thus, the Hindu community sustains a reported loss of minimum 1000 Hindu girls in Pakistan every year. The actual loss is multiple times more as only one in a hundred such cases is reported. Many just resign themselves to be condemned to convert to Islam for saving their lives.

There is no Robinhood for this Hindu clan living under constant fear of when their Hindu girl will be abducted and lost forever. Marrying them off to Hindu men is no guarantee of safety either as we saw earlier in Lali Kacchi’s case.

Pakistan was born as an Islamic republic, when the Muslims of India demanded a separate country for Muslims, in the land that is present day Pakistan. This was followed by scores of Hindus traveling to India, from current Pakistan due to fear of persecution and raging anti-Hindu communal riots. There was bloodshed, Hindus were chopped alive and train bogeys brought back more dead Hindus than alive Hindus from Pakistan to India. The Durand Line was a line drawn by a British Raj official packing its bags in a hurry leaving India in shambles after Partition. The Sindh area, just west of Gujarat, was divided by a line drawn in a hurry by a Britisher who had no clue what he was dividing and the perilous effects on the people of that area for decades to come. Sizeable Hindus, mainly poor and marginalised, currently 7.5 million in number, remain in Sindh province of Pakistan in the Southeastern corner of the country bordering Gujarat. They have been at the constant receiving end of hatred, wrath, scourge, attacks, bullying and unspeakable barbarism by the Pakistani Majority community. 

Hindu women are forced to constantly cover their faces for fear of attracting an Islamist frenzy of abduction and kidnapping like what happened to Lali above and the subsequent misery falling on their entire extended family. Hindu families stop sending their daughters to school. They fear they will not see their Hindu daughters again, lest they are kidnapped while walking back from school. 

Even a social media post describing Hindus in Sindh as the discarded tenth class citizens, invokes capital punishment in Pakistan. A Young Hindu boy posted on Facebook “Why God was not saving Hindus in Sindh”.  He wrote Mollah instead of God, going with the local dialect. That was enough for the Hindu boy to be promptly slapped with Blasphemy charges and imprisoned. All because of a Facebook “Blasphemy” post imploring Divine help to rescue the Sindhi Hindus in Pakistan. If this is not a targeted attack on a religious group in Pakistan, then what is?

While Indian Muslims are screaming on international platforms, in city councils, in United Nations, and in any conversation, they can get their breath in, of “Impending Genocide” when not a single Muslim girl is forcefully abducted or raped or converted to Hinduism, the real Genocide of Hindus at hands of merciless Islamic Majority of Pakistan continues unabated. Irony died a few million times. Let us be clear, this atrocity is not committed by AlQaeda, ISIS, Haqqani Network, or TTP arm of Taliban. This is routine barbarism by the mainstream Muslim majority of Pakistan over the country’s largest Minority, Hindus. 

As another reminder of the level of merciless attacks, Daya Bheel’s story stands out. She was, yes, She WAS. SHE IS, NO MORE. Daya Bheel a 44 yr old Hindu mother of 5 children, widowed and the only source of support for her five children, was brutally raped, her head severed, and her breasts were chopped off. Her head was placed next to her headless body, with the skin removed and just the skull and eyes staring out. She had been gang-raped by many Muslims in her locality, Sinjhiro, a town in the Sanghar district of Sindh Province. Her son Soomar lamented at the brutality of how his mother was killed. Uproars and protests followed but this occurred just two days after Obaidulla entered Laloo Kacchi’s house to kill him and abduct his sister Lali a second time. 

Daya Bheel in a family photo, image via Aaj English TV/ Abdul Rehman Khaskheli (Credits Opindia)

Find below the list of Human Rights violations and atrocities committed on Sindhi Hindus in just one month of September 2022 to the Ministry of External Affairs of India.

Recent List of Human Rights Atrocities on Hindus in Pakistan Submitted to MEA, India
List of Human Rights Atrocities on Sindhi Hindus in Pakistan in Sep 2022

When will these exclusive targeted attacks on Hindus in Sindh, Pakistan stop?

Why are Sindhi Hindus being ethnically cleansed in Pakistan? Will they EVER stop?

What is the International Community doing to stop this? Why is this not being reported in the media?  

Why is Pakistan not being held to answer to this gross injustice to Hindu population who are now mostly bonded laborers forced to convert to Islam or continue to be slaves whose women are raped routinely and unfair wages for menial labor provided after cunningly taking over Hindu properties after hounding out Hindus. 

What will be the fate of these nearly 7.5 million Hindus in Sindh Pakistan, the most significant minority of the country, when Tehreek E Taliban increases their terrorist attacks on Pakistan? If mainstream Muslims get away with treating their minority like this, what will be the fate of 7.5 million Sindhi Hindus when TTP takes over Pakistan like the Taliban took over Afghanistan? 

During recent floods, Sindh was one of the worst affected provinces in Pakistan by flooding. Despite record international reliefs pouring in, the Muslims in Pakistan refused to allow Sindhi Hindus, mostly poor farmers and laborers to even stand under tents donated for relief. Can one imagine their plight during a full-blown Taliban takeover of Pakistan, which appears to be fast approaching?

Will India step up its implementation of CAA, the Citizenship Amendment Act, which facilitates the rescue of such oppressed and religiously persecuted minorities fleeing from Sindh Pakistan? The CAA is the exact concept of Lautenburg Amendment applying to persecuted Jews given refuge in the USA. This Lautenburg amendment did not certainly make any provisions to rescue the Nazis who persecuted the very same Jews who were being rescued. Pakistan emphatically opposed India’s CAA around the world and provoked Muslims inside India to protest this humane compassionate law. In fact, the current CAA only provides relief for persecuted religious minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan who managed to come to India by 31.12.2014. It needs to be amended to delete the restricting cutoff date to accommodate all religiously persecuted minorities from the aforementioned Islamic countries at any point of time. The CAA rules also need to be notified and implemented by the Government of India to help the hapless Hindu refugees from Pakistan and Bangladesh, looking up at India the only country in the world with majority Hindus for help.

Had the Hindus of Sindh fleeing religious persecution in Pakistan been allowed to enter India using the CAA, then Lali would not have been kidnapped twice despite being married, by a local Pakistani Muslim to forcefully convert her to Islam, if the Pakistani Sindh Hindus could flee to India using the CAA channel, Laloo Kacchi would still have been alive

Five children of widow Daya Bheel, would not be motherless today and need not have been condemned to live their entire lives with the memory of the brutal assault and murder of their Hindu mother.

What are the world’s good souls with a Conscience doing about this horror story playing Live in Sindh Pakistan since 1947 with reruns THREE TIMES EVERY DAY. 

Who will hold Pakistan accountable for these Barbaric attacks on its Hindu minorities and end this targeted Girlslaughter, Women-Slaughter and Manslaughter? When will the world wake up to this complete ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Islamic supremacist Pakistan?

Can we as a civilized conscientious world community begin with stopping further assaults, help to provide basic facilities, assist the rehabilitation and relocation of the Sindhi Hindus in Pakistan living in constant fear for many generations now, wondering when it is their turn to be killed and raped by Islamist supremacists?

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Article authored by Jaya Bhavani, edited by Gayatri N.

Featured image sourced from internet.

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