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How the Indian Leadership Sold Kashmir to the Ullema citing “Economic Development”

India, UAE, and Saudi Arabia – the new nexus which has been in talks for a while under the guise of forming investment bridges have accelerated all pending agreements with the hopes of bringing middle eastern investors (read: Muslim) on board to “develop” the Indian state – Kashmir.
Recently at a meeting in Riyadh, deliberations took place between folks and entities to deliberate “opportunities,” “investments” and “exchanges.” This update is courtesy of the Indian Ministry of External Affairs which seems to be missing the forest for the trees when it comes to critical decision-making in favor of Bharat.
The Ministry memo read “Both sides agreed to make further progress on priority opportunities identified under the Committee including in areas such as renewable energy, grid connectivity, pharmaceuticals, food security, information technology, fintech, and water resources.” The most concerning part was the assurance from the Ministry of the discussion of restoring the Haj quota from India to Saudi, which is about 175k each year. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, Bharat has been sold off via Kashmir in the name of Vikas. The Saudis and UAE will own Kashmir – that is the trade that Indian BJP leadership seems to have made with the Ullema to keep themselves in power for the next go-around.  
Clueless Leadership 
Kashmiri Pandits seem to not have learned the harsh lessons about never trusting the BJP – the community keeps making the same mistakes over and over even after witnessing the continuous blunders faced by them in their state. Not just the Pandits, but how are Indians, Hindus, and politically aware Muslims in India okay with the Gulf encroachment? How are these outsiders being given a free pass to party it up freely in Kashmir? Such bad decision-making will only lead to continued women, drug, and weapons trafficking. While the Indian leadership is busy making out with the Ullema, does anyone not realize the true dangers of the so-called economic outreach to Islamists?  
Hindus are asleep when it comes to securing physical places. Their minds are still colonized with sex Jihad and Christmas celebrations and Hindus have no clue about creating and securing safe spaces for women, girls, and grandmas who will face the biggest issues when their rights are wiped away overnight. At this point, women in rural Africa seem to be safer than in India. Mark these words – Women’s rights will be the first to go under this fake, economic Islamist bhaichara in Bharat.
The Indian leadership seems to be suffering from a massive inferiority complex and no one is ready to tell the Emperor that he has no clothes. The current appeasement politics will soon start serving Biryani as Prasad in Temples – which will never be freed from government control since Hindu money nicely funds minority appeasement policies.  
Vikas Blunders
The blunders in the name of Vikas are too many to count. The jacked-up trade deficit with China means that Hindu money is funding the Chinese Communist Party. The ‘Make in India’ has gone out the window as the Indian government exercises the stupidity of embracing climate change with solar panels made in China. China on the other hand is building coal plants left and right and while India has some of the largest coal and Thorium reserves in the world, it continues to import foreign junk instead of developing homegrown reserves. The current leadership seems to have handed over tons of land for new churches and have outsourced critical infrastructure and economic development to enemy nations without contemplating long-term consequences. 
Security is another joke which has been impossible to solve, mainly due to incompetence. Baniyas are excellent traders and one almost wonders how Mr. Shah has managed to turn Security into a business. His son enjoys all the perks thanks to what his father’s position makes available while merit takes a backseat. Speaking of merit, would you consider hiring Mr. Shah to provide security for your family? Your building? Your society, your city? These compromised leaders let Shaheen Bag go on for months and now want to show sternness toward Khalistani miscreants who destroy Indian embassy properties abroad. When one can’t take security seriously in their own country, why would any foreign nation take India seriously on any aspects of security? The leadership can’t keep their own house in order or protect party karyakartas but have grandiose expectations from other nations when it comes to security. 
The Road Ahead
Kowtowing to the Ullema, and giving the Chinese importance which should never even be on the table are some of the biggest reasons why the BJP might lose the next elections. Being busy with all the ribbon cutting, bouquet exchanging, and gathering free shawls at random events has a heavy price attached to it. Cutting deals with Jihadis never works; appeasement of Jihad will only embolden Islamism. The current leaders have failed to introspect why Hindus are tired of paying taxes which go to fake bhaichara and Ramzan parties. Hindus are stuck between a rock and a hard place as they keep pondering “what other choice is there?” The Hindu just might get fed up and vote for the enemy they know versus the enemy who pretends to be their friend. The Indian leadership better introspect and fast about their obsession with promoting mediocrity and incompetence through reservations which results in bad policies nine out of ten times. If they fail to introspect, they’ll be kicked out of the office soon enough.