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Note: Handles selected based on validated content.


This monthly report, based on data collected from Hindumisia.ai, enables readers, commentators, activists, and the media to understand the trends in Hinduphobic chatter in the Twitter sphere. We offer the data using simple descriptive statistics and in the form of graphics, diagrams, as well as text. We offer screen grabs to highlight prominent Hinduphobic Twitter handles as well as most egregious of tweets from lesser known Twitter handles.

The report below is generated from data collected in the month of February 2023.

Topics/Events that Triggered Hinduphobia

Hinduphobic tweets this month have revolved around a number of issues: Caste-based abuse of Hindus and Brahmins; calling Hindus as a “radicalized majority”; Equating Hindutva with crime, thuggery and casteism; fear mongering over Hindutva supremacy; Abuse and disrespect of Shri Ramcharitmanas; Caste based fear-mongering; Spreading fake news about Gau Rakshaks; Equating Adani’s financial dealings as Savarna/Brahmin scheming to loot India. These were a major part of toxic discourse on Twitter in the month of February 2023.

Tweets from Prominent Handles
Twitter HandleTweet URL
Egregious Tweets from Other Handles
Select Entities/Persons Targeted by Hate Mongers
Call for Action
  • Report Tweets for hateful conduct (Use Twitter’s feature to report the tweet/handle).
  • Tag important social media personalities, think tanks, twitter, law enforcement or government handles on Twitter with this report.
  • Share this report with local lawmakers in your constituency electronically.
  • Please share this report widely on social media.
A Word of Caution

If the Hinduphobic tweets do not have any Likes or Re-tweets or comments, do not give agency by commenting. Report them using Twitter’s own mechanism.

Data Sourced From

hindumisia.ai enables an analytical approach to countering anti-Hindu hate on Twitter leveraging Artificial Ingelligence techniques and Natural Language processing.

Questions about the AI Model:  contact@hindumisia.ai or @hindumisia

Article appeared earlier on IndiaFacts republished here with Title change owing to content sharing arrangement with smart4bharat.com