Bharat Matrimony’s anti-Bharatiya Hinduphobic Holi Ad.

It has now become highly predictable on every Hindu festival for commercial business houses to join ranks with the communist-Islamist-Christianist cabal to issue homilies to Hindus on how barbaric or environmentally polluting Hindu festivals are celebrated. It is a norm now for business houses to come up with advertisements on Deepavali sermonising Hindus to not burst firecrackers and newspaper columns filled with how pollution levels increase due to Deepavali. The same concern for air pollution vanishes when firecrackers are burst in huge quantities in Christian-dominated areas on Christmas or on New Year’s Eve.  During Holi, Hindus are sermonized about not wasting water by the Bollywood mafia who have swimming pools in their homes in Mumbai, while many areas of the city starve for clean potable drinking water in summer. Thousands of trees are cut for Christmas and many more thousand plastic Christmas trees are used and dumped on streets with no preaching on environmental degradation and pollution by commercial business ads or PETA or the Bollywood mafia as it is not a Hindu festival. Likewise, millions of cattle and goats are slaughtered to appease Allah with the blood of the hapless animals oozing onto the ground or dumped in rivers which are again regarded as very humane, peaceful and environmentally friendly practices not meriting any sermons from the usual suspects!

Bharat Matrimony, a matrimonial website, went one step ahead and made an advertisement for Holi literally calling it a festival of sexual harassment, under the garb of giving out a message on International Women’s Day which coincided with Holi this year on March 7th.  

The ad begins with a woman with her face covered with colours of Holi. She then proceeds to wash away the colors with water. Then her face is shown with a black eye and bruises on her face. This is followed by a written message stating, “Some colours don’t wash away easily. Harassment during Holi leads to immense trauma. Today, a third of these women who have faced this trauma have stopped playing Holi.”  

Bharat Matrimony’s obnoxious Hinduphobic Holi ad is unmistakably aimed at demonizing Hindu festivals rather than speaking against physical assault or sexual harassment of women. Bharat Matrimony uses Hindu money to run anti-Hindu campaigns on Hindu festivals while eulogizing Bakra Eid as a peaceful festival.

Image viral on Twitter showing Hypocrisy of Bharat Matrimony’s contrasting Ads on Eid and Holi

Bharat Matrimony has nothing to say to stop institutionalized rape and prostitution in the form of Halala, Mutah and Misyar “marriages”.

Does it ask Muslim men to stop giving unilateral arbitrary non-judicial Islamic divorce in all forms of Talak and instant Triple Talak throwing out their wives from their lives and leaving her stranded with just 3 months of maintenance lesser than even compensation given by small dingy private companies firing its employees without any reason?

Does Bharat Matrimony advise Muslims not to “contract” more than one marriage with an already subsisting marriage? Does Bharat Matrimony promote polygamy by helping Muslim men contract multiple marriages?

How many customers of Bharat Matrimony are looking for Halala, Mutah and Misyar brides? Can Bharat Matrimony vouch that it does not do business with Arabic Shiekhs hunting for paid Mutah, Misyar “marriages” or travel prostitution?

Surprisingly, this obnoxious ad of Bharat Matrimony was deleted and tweeted again showing their brazen Hinduphobic agenda.

By the way, much of the sexual harassment happens on Valentine’s Day which is a commercial festival foisted on Indian society to destroy the fabric of Hindu Kutumba based on the foundation of committed deep love and understanding between couples cemented with Vivaaha.

Since Bharat Matrimony has Tamil website origins founded by its owner Murugavel Janakiraman, the Hinduphobic Holi ad does make one wonder whether it reflects the clichéd Dravidianist mindset.

Although Bharat Matrimony’s owner Murugavel Janakiraman doesn’t come across as a classical Dravidianist when one peruses his LinkedIn profile. As there are posts of his visiting Kapalishwarar Temple in Chennai on his birthdays and Bharat Matrimony sponsoring some Samuhik Vivaah in Vedic traditions.

Nevertheless, an article shared by him states that Janakiraman personally goes through every advertisement made for their matrimonial company as ads send important messages. So, he does come across as someone entertaining woke ideas or at least accepting the clichéd sermons given to Hindus during Hindu festivals – especially festivals followed by Hindus in the North. It is particularly pertinent to mention here that the advertisement was first deleted after outrage by Hindus and tweeted again which shows that Bharat Matrimony is very consciously putting out the Hinduphobic Holi ad.

Wonder how much of it is related to Janakiraman’s inclusion by the MK Stalin govt as a Member of the Govt of Tamilnadu’s  Technology Advisory Council from October 2021.

Notably, the content creator for Bharat Matrimony’s advertisements is Wonrlab. While the ad made by Wondrlab for Holi displayed on its Twitter account has nothing objectionable in it, though it is quite secular in nature. The ad made for Bharat Matrimony by Wondrlab on the occasion of Holi and International Women’s Day is very preachy and demonizes Holi as a festival of sexual harassment. The content head of Wondrlab is some Hyderali Amir, so there are no guesses here on the origin of a very reverential ad for Bakra Eid and the Hinduphobic Holi ad of Bharat Matrimony. But since Janakiraman takes his company ads very seriously it is quite obvious, he approved this woke Hinduphobic ad. They have of late started a mate-finding platform for LGBTQ+ too. Janakiraman also put out a video on his LinkedIn account on the celebration of Pongal at Bharat Matrimony devoid of any Hindu religious symbols treating it more like a mere harvest festival.

Janakiraman keeps repeating that Bharat Matrimony is for happy marriages for a better Bharat. His idea of Bharat, as promoted through Bharat Matrimony’s ads seems to be a public display of reverence to Islamic and Christian faiths while portraying religious Hindu men from the North as depraved sexual predators and de-Hinduising festivals like Pongal, Onam, etc. It surely depicts a politically right “secular” subtle Hinduphobic attitude for gaining accolades from anti-Hindu secularists.

Lastly, while making money from Hindus Bharat Matrimony does come off as mischievously running the Dravianist church mafia, commie Islamists combine backed campaign of dividing North Indian Hindus from their Southern counterparts by portraying Holi as a festival of sexual harassment. Not to forget this coincides with MK Stalin’s son, Udayanidhi Stalin’s hatred for Hindi-speaking North Indian migrants in Tamil Nadu with his “Hindi Theriyadu” campaign and the general climate of fear for Hindi-speaking North Indians in Tamil Nadu due to confirmed incidents of assault in train 10 days back and hate speeches against them by DMK ministers.

There is something very fishy and deep with vested interests than what meets the eye with these innocent-looking ostensible concerned women-centric ads of Bharat Matrimony.

Meanwhile, Hindumisic usual suspects on social media reposted 2-3-year-old videos of isolated incidents to create an impression of how unsafe Holi is for women. Jas Oberoi, a Khalistani sympathizer and a columnist for Newslaundry whose hatred for anything and everything concerned with Hindus and Hinduism is quite evident from his derogatory tweets, posted a video of a middle-aged man forcibly kissing his young sister-in-law while compelling her to play Holi with him.

“An underage girl forcefully kissed & groped by her ‘Jija’ – husband of an elder sister – under the garb of playing Holi. Kya mast tyohaar hai!” Oberoi tweeted along with the video.

Similarly, known Islamophilic leftist Vinod Kapri with a visceral hatred for Hindu traditions and culture demonized Holi by tweeting a 2-year-old video of a foreigner complaining about some hooligans harassing her during Holi in UP interiors.

It is pertinent to note here that while the Hindumisic Islamophilic elements tried to portray one-off old incidents to vilify Holi, these harassments could very well be perpetrated by jihadist non-Hindus taking advantage of the festival to get near and molest Kafir women. 

Notably, Swiggy too had come up with Hinduphobic Holi advertisement hoardings which were withdrawn after an uproar and BoycottSwiggy trending in social media. Featuring eggs, the billboard read, “Omelette; Sunny side-up; Kisi ke sarr par. #BuraMatKhelo. Get Holi essentials on Instamart”, sermonising Hindus how Holi should be celebrated.

The Hinduphobic Swiggy billboard featuring eggs read, “Omelette; Sunny side-up; Kisi ke sarr par. #BuraMatKhelo. Get Holi essentials on Instamart.”

To tackle commercial Hinduphobia, it is time Hindu society stops such agenda-driven commercial entities using their own money to pour venom against Hindu religious traditions, festivals, and culture with economic and social ostracization. If Hindus do not punish with backlash against commercial Hinduphobia, Hindu society alone is to be blamed for aiding and abetting the Hindumisic agenda. All self-respecting Hindus need to stand up for their religious rights or be ready to perish.

So, until Bharat Matrimony and other Hinduphobic entities reform their ways Hindu society can use the Boycott Astra to shun any commercial dealings with them and do business with unapologetic Hindu commercial entities promoting Dharmic values identified with some Saatvic certificates.