“What’s the Alternative to the BJP…?! “

Hindus today are discombobulated to such an extent that they’re left with very few options. One of the easiest options is to believe in “Masterstrokes”. That is, keep hoping if Modi is doing it, it must be different from when Congress did the exact same thing. Therefore keep on clapping like Quawalli’s support team, when event after event, policy decision after policy decision, inflict irrecoverable damage to Hindus. 

The second option is to raise your voice and unapologetically question the enactment of the same wicked policies for which we kicked Congress out, but in so doing, risk inviting the wrath of the first group that doesn’t want to hear anything critical of Modi, even if the criticism is based on hard and irrefutable facts, get yourself labeled as anti-Hindu, anti-India, Soros agent and what not….! 

The third option, take to the streets (that some call “street power”) and forcefully compel the government to listen to our Hindu grievances but then be on the wrong side of the law, watch it treat you differently, and invite the anger of this very government that was supposed to address these very issues they not only were brought to power for but what they promised before elections. 

Hindus are ready to fight back but the message should come from the leadership. The message to Hindus, as of now, is loud and clear… “Lay off….you’ve no alternative therefore you’re not wanted”.

Unfortunately, many Hindus have opted for the easiest, laziest, most convenient first option, i.e. keep hoping for results that are different from Congress times even when the policy structure remains the same, in many cases, worse. This is the reason Modi supporters keep on repeating ad-nauseam “what’s the alternative…!” One witnesses very little original thinking, logically explaining the rationale (or as they say Masterstroke) behind BJP policies. On any Social Media (SM) platform, there’s a deluge of BJP propaganda posts extolling, with larger-than-life images of Modi inundating the discussion boards. Even a normal diplomatic meeting between two heads of state, for example, is portrayed as some kind of grand Modi Charishma. SM warriors are quick to post and repost glossy computer-generated computer-generated images of roads and flyovers. Sadly, in the interim between two terms of BJP rule, almost all nationalist Hindu voices have either been silenced or made to toe their line. Ram Mandir’s agitation was the superhuman initiative of the revered late Shri Ashok Singhal and his small band of workers. That it was subsumed by RSS after it began to get bigger than the parent organization itself, is a separate story. Does anyone know who’s heading VHP today without seeking Google’s help? Same with Bajrang Dal, etc. Even Baba Ramdev, who was so vociferous in condemning Congress for its anti-Hindu policies before Modi assuming power, who spent months canvassing for BJP, is today silent even when hundreds of Hindus are killed, women raped and tens of thousands made to run for their lives in Bengal, for what…., for voting and supporting BJP. Same with Sri-Sri and others. Gorakshnath Math’s “Hindu Vahini”, was required to be disbanded by Yogi as a precondition to assuming CM’s chair. Nobody wants to question RSS Sarsangchalak on his interpretation of Upnishadik or Puranic texts like saying homosexuality and lesbianism were prevalent in India since Mahabharata times or advising Hindus to shun Murti Pooja for 50 years so harmony between Muslims and Hindus could be achieved…? Or equating Maryada Purushottam Prabhu Sri Ram as Imam-e-Hind. I wonder how this is very much different from calling Hindus to don skullcaps in order to achieve complete and perfect Hindu-Muslim integration…? Who gives authority to the RSS head to lead a sermon that our Scriptures have been corrupted and need to be rewritten….? It’s the silent Hindu majority that had lost all hope during Congress’ mesmerized regime and elected Modi/ BJP. The same silent majority is now so mesmerised that they don’t want to hear anything that shatters their hopes the second time around. They can’t be faulted for this behavioral shift because the rot under Congress was so deep and so wide, that a bucketful of stench looks far more benign and fragrant in comparison. That’s why, for every query that’s raised against present government policies, the answer is not about explaining the rationale behind that particular policy implementation, but, “What’s the alternative….?”  

The greatest danger to a nation comes not from its enemies, as much as it does from a large chunk of its nationalist population that accepts defeat even without realizing it. These are the times enemies make full use of. Muslims were never as confident, never as vociferous, never as brazen as they’re now. Nobody used to hear “Sar Tan Se Juda” like slogans or associated violence during Congress rule. Christians and Muslims have an echo system that works with unerring precision. 38 Godhra death row convicts get legal help from Ulema, and so do killers of Kamlesh Tiwari, Kanhiyalal, Praveen Nettaru, and scores of others. Our boys are languishing in jail for two years, with no respite visible in the foreseeable future, for the crime of defending themselves and others during the Shaheen Bagh anti-Hindu riots.

Any Hindu converting to Islam is featured by Muslims and is given protection and everything that’s needed to settle and comfort them. Here, we have the state apparatus, arresting Waseem Rizvi after he does Ghar wapasi along with the one who facilitated his wapasi. He’s tortured mentally and emotionally to such a degree that today he’s requesting permission to end his life. An unprecedented catch, a direct descendent from prophet Muhammad’s lineage, a Shia leader, Shia Waqf Board Chairman, he’d have been treated a hero, paraded globally as a victory trophy had it been the other way round. The damage this “Double engine Sarkar” has done to the Hindu revival movement is simply unfathomable. The rot in the Hindu mindset is set so deep that rather than haul the government into the cauldron for this unforgivable deed, we are questioning the motives of Jitendra Tyagi himself.  This is only the symptom of a deep malaise. 

No one is ready to risk getting on the wrong side of power because, without a doubt, Modi is powerful today, more powerful than any leader in India’s independent history. By remaining silent, Hindus, by and large, have accepted defeat. Those who question, are hounded, castigated, and remain at the receiving end of BJP propaganda machinery. 

Hindus today are extremely vulnerable. Hindus are at risk as never before. We’ve left ourselves at the mercy of a politician, a leader who has displayed unmistakable signs of narcissistic attributes. I’m fully aware, I risk inviting abuse from Modi supporters for this characterization, but we need to do a root cause analysis before we arrive at any solution to the problem that involves our very existence. A narcissist is someone who’s in love with himself to such a degree that he believes he sets the standard for humans to follow. He’ll brook no dissent, he’ll allow no voice that doesn’t cater to his ego-centric ideas. This power comes from the silent acquiescence of supporters who refuse to question the leadership on the very issues they had voted him to power for, to do away with glaringly anti-Hindu, by implication, anti-IndiaIndia policies like the implementation of Sacchar committee recommendations, one of the most anti-Hindu policy recommendations ever, more draconian than Minority Protection Bill introduced but not implemented by the then UPA government, in its spirit, more dangerous in its intent to undermine already marginalized Hindu community.

BJP gets Hindu votes yet doles out 5 lakh scholarships to students from one particular minority community. Share of Hindus… 3.5 percent. Modi will not only be not questioned why Shah Faisal was brought back into IAS after resigning, calling India “Rapistan”, and was to join the pan-Islamic anti-India conference in Turkey before being arrested and put under NSA for two years by this same BJP government but this will be construed and defended as a grand strategy, a Masterstroke that, because we ordinary Hindus don’t understand geopolitical maneuvering enough, therefore we should not question. 

Social Media, recently, was abuzz with Saudi Prince MBS ordering severe restrictions on Azan-related practices. The diehard Modi supporters were quick to point out how Indian Muslims are so consumed with the arrogance that they’ll not want the same rules applied here. Not one among BJP supporters bothers to question the government they so assiduously support, why would Muslims want any reform movement to take place when the government of the day provides Imams, Moulvis, and Muazzins salaries and treats them as government employees with assured annual increment…? Hindu youth, meanwhile, struggle for jobs.

No one questions the elaborate portions of the education budget going to “minority scholarships” and no one in the party bothers to introspect why the wealthy Hindu Indians are evading the ever-increasing taxes – the simple answer is that they do not want their hard-earned money to go toward Pasmandas. While Hindu Pandits face acute penury, with the Corona lockdown making the situation for them from bad to worse, as though the Temples are taken over by the government the Hindu Pandits/ Pujaris are not paid any salaries by the government like Maulvis, Maulana, Imams and mosque helpers. So, Temple money which comes from donations from Hindus is used not to give salaries for the serving Pujaris but to indirectly funnel the money to pay Imams, Maulanas, and even Church pastors by several state governments including the BJP-ruled states. Hindus need to build a ground-up movement to free Hindu temples as the day is not far when we would not have any Pujari to guide us to even perform the cremation ceremonies for our loved elderly relatives. 

The greatest damage to civilization happens not as much by external invasion as it does by a compliant populace that has acquiesced to accepting in place of Rashtra-Purush, a Political-Purush, as its ideal. 

It’s only until BJP/ Modi unequivocally realize that they too have no alternative to a huge Hindu groundswell, they’ll keep on experimenting with disastrous consequences, Pasmanda, Bohra, Ansari, Ahmedia, Muslim women…. outreach, at the colossal cost to Hindus.