Lawsuits need to be filed against VILE Films like Adipurush to keep Bollywood irrelevant and dead.

There have been many debates around the despicable Adipurush film. One question comes up over and over again – was this Islamist-Communist lovechild a result of idiots not knowing what they did or was it intentional? These questions will simply waste time and deter focus from the issue at hand. The issue at hand is the third anniversary of Bollywood’s death. It doesn’t matter why gutter-chap films are made – it could be for money laundering or brainwashing the unsuspecting Hindu, or anything else. The issue which needs attention is what will Hindus do about it. Complaining for the past decade is something that has been happening. Roasting and pulling the curtains on ChrIslamic agendas is now the norm. So what? 
Unless there are lawsuits filed for each and all involved in the making of these sewer-chap films, absolutely nothing will change. These films might do well just because of the controversy built around them. What does a good parent do when an insolent child misbehaves? Do they complain about it incessantly on social media or is there a good time for a good old-fashioned beating? Bollywood has continued to misbehave and will continue to do so till all Hindus are converted or killed. Unless society and individuals in society have any sense to get to the root of the problem and put a THE END to this foolishness called Bollywood, nothing will change. 
It’s time for Hindus to decide what they want. The “other” side leaves no stones unturned when they need to defend their criminals. So why can’t the Hindu step up his game and go the lawsuit route? Many gyanis will cite how the courts are corrupt. This is a fair point but not every level court in every state is corrupt. Imagine 1001 cases filed simultaneously at the grassroots level citing hurting sentiments and misrepresentation of history. This will shake up the system. Unless the ChrIslamic pocketbook is hurt in a big way, there is no hope for a permanent THE END.  The Hindu Sena filed a writ petition in Delhi High Court against ‘Adipurush’ demanding that the film not be certified for public exhibition as the petition alleged that the film ‘hurt the sentiments of the Hindu community by depicting the religious leaders/characters/figures inaccurately and inappropriately. Nepal, essentially a Hindu Rashtra, decided to ban this toilet-chap film, lifted it, and cleared it for screening. What type of mixed messaging is this? 
As far as Adipurush goes, perhaps that poet-wannabe confessed convert Muntashir can afford to fight a few court battles but suing every aspect of the film, everything from individuals to the production company is the only way to cremate what once was Bollywood. Other political venues seem shut as the present government seems to be in bed with ChrIslamics so there is no hope of any fairness from them. The film governing lobby is half asleep and rolling in-out of bed with the previously mentioned entities. If there is any avenue left, it is the courts. Even if a court decides to side with the Tulsidas-wannabes, Hindus should at least make their lives interesting by court-ke-chakkar-khana. The traffic and mental stress will play their diligent roles.

The Central Board of Film Certification is a supposed regulatory body that seems to have been looking the other way for decades. How do anti-Hindu films keep getting clean chits by this board? Is the board co-opted or simply populated by ineffective babus who only care about one mazhab and one mazhab only? For example, the board has impeded other films like The Kerala Files and now 72 Hoorain. The latter has not been granted the same process of approval and has been sitting on the shelf at the mercy of the Censor Board. Why are the rules and regulations of a governmental body – The Central Board of Film Certification different for Hindus? The Board needs to be questioned and answers demanded for the obvious discrimination. 

The 1952 Cinematograph Act outlined a strict certification process for public/commercial films. If the board is not doing its job, it needs to be declared moot and the staff fired. If one is to keep Prasoon Joshi and his minions in power, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting needs to take a closer look at the lack of apathy toward the Hindu religion, customs, and beliefs in gutter-chap Bollywood films. Ministries are created for the people, by the people. Is Prasoon Joshi’s team above the law? Does one need precedent to sue an individual or a Ministry? In short, do Hindus have what it takes to shake up the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting?
In conclusion, it is up to Hindus to decide whether they want this jihadi nautanki stopped for good. The courts are one way to seek this justice. 
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