Why Old School Jewish Indologists are Propagating “Critical Caste Theory?”

First of all, one needs to question how a non-dharmic person becomes a scholar in Indology.  Stemming from a non-dharmic, Abrahamic background it is surprising that an a-dharmic practitioner climbs the height of academic success as an expert on India.  Many will counter-argue that this is common in area studies where Whites study China and become experts on Chinese culture, language, etc.  While this is a fair argument, let’s contemplate whether a Hindu Indian can ever be considered to be a Talmudic or an Islamic scholar.  The question then arises – why have Abrahamics been keen on studying India and continue to write on Indology?  Are their intentions benign?
Woke Academia – a Playpen of Deranged Academics
Indology is a racist enterprise.  Jewish folks, especially female Jewish academics have continued to enjoy the double-minority status that academic circles continue to offer.  These folks have secured key roles and positions as religious minorities and enjoy high-paid administrative positions in the academic bureaucracy often controlling the narrative as well as hiring processes in higher educational institutions.  It’s a club of sorts, where people are not only mean but also vindictive, mainly against unsuspecting Hindus who are often clueless about the vile intentions of these deranged personalities.  What started as examining the culturally rich ancient India, the grammar, mathematics, medicine, politics, governance, etc., has now warped into the West showcasing perceived pitfalls and supposed deficiencies in these once acclaimed areas under the umbrella of Indology.  Indians are being told by Indologists how to study their own culture and the self-appointed expert Indologists have also claimed that only they have gotten the interpretations right.
While many of these scholars have produced meaningful work, an equal number seem to be suffering from the baggage of Nazism.  Folks such as Hermann Oldenberg, Sheldon Pollock, Michael Witzel, Frits Staal, Robert Goldman, Wendy Doniger, Jeffrey Kripal, and lower-tier Jewish academics seem to be driven by the personal memories of how their parents might have shaped them given their memories of Nazism.  Jewish Supremacists such as Barbara Lerner, and the anti-Hindu, anti-Brahmin rants by the likes of Amy Wax seem comical and deranged but there is a deeper, consistent agenda behind their well-crafted thought and verbal comments. There are low level academicians like Jewish-born Christian missionary pamphleteer Audrey Truschke working hard to rehabilitate Islamist tyrant Mughal rulers like Aurangzeb while pouring venomous hatred on Lord Ram and anything remotely connected with Hinduism under the guise of academic freedom. This hatred isn’t just a product of ignorance, but it stems from malice.  This argument also doesn’t mean neglecting those who have consistently tried to fit the Indian case under a Western, Christian lens for examination.  Some examples of this are the desperation with which Western academics continue to undermine the authority of Sanskrit as the original mother language of Western civilization; the now debunked Aryan Invasion Theory (AIT) and the reluctance to accept the archaeologically proven Out-of-India theory, etc.
Drinking the Kool-Aid
These academics seem to have cultivated a lifelong obsession with the negative stereotyping of Hindu samskaras in every way imaginable.  Just pull up their work to understand the inherent hatred for Hindu culture and civilization.  They have convinced themselves that the Nazi Hakenkreuz is the Hindu Swastika and that Hitler’s racial definition of Aryan supremacy has stemmed from Hindu Dharma.  Therefore, these supposed Indologists have spent a considerable time of their academic careers exposing the imaginary hate-filled roots of Nazism that is supposedly rooted in Hinduism.  Thus, their contempt for India, Hindus, and Brahmins.
Brahminical Patriarchy is being thrown around in every conversation these days as academics and other, anti-Hindu stakeholders including Hindus in Name Only (HINO) are trying their best to invent the caste problem in the U.S. within academics and employment.  City councils that should probably worry about fixing potholes on the road are obsessing over imagined caste discrimination and Brahminical dominance when it comes to creating woke equity in employment.  Woke academic campuses are busy crafting admission criteria based on an invented concept of “critical caste theory.”  The famous Jewish scholar Sigmund Freud proposed the concept of penis envy – a condition that makes those who lack a penis anxious and envious, perhaps these old “Indologist” farts suffer from “Brahmin envy” since they might be jealous of what Hindus have in terms of Varna and Jati which they clearly lack?
Brahmin Envy
Why indeed are these Indologists obsessed with caste?  What innate knowledge does Amy Wax have to go after Brahmin women and make assumptions about their feelings and existence?  Such comments are possible because of the inherent hatred toward Hinduism, and not just due to the false Hitler connection but also because it is the caste system (broadly used in this sense though the correct term should be Varna system) which has allowed Hindus in India to prosper and outlive barbaric colonizers as compared to the millions of Jews who were wiped out due to Nazi ideology.  The Jewish people too have tribal loyalties which make them unique as a people, though there seems direct Hindu envy as the only people who have managed to outcompete Jews in in-group loyalty despite centuries-long bloody imperial takeover are the Brahminical Hindus.  Indians overall are among the most successful – high-education, high-income – groups in the United States, and though technically caste as a discriminatory practice has been outlawed in India, people still very much vote and marry based on caste.  In short, caste works and seems to have kept Hindus economically and socially viable in spite of foreign invasions, attacks, and religious persecution.  The out competition here is visible in the United States not just in brainpower and economic development but wealth as well.  Thus, the Jewish Indologists are at the forefront of academic “critical caste theory” as they wish to keep the Brahmanical Hindu competition out.  Anyone who brings up anti-Brahmin hatred by the old school Indology cabal is quickly labeled as anti-Semitic.  The pattern continues, and hypocrisy prevails.
Moving Forward
It is high time Hindus and Indians called out these Indologists on the crap which they have been peddling for decades.  Hindu society needs to recognize the coalition of the left, and the Abrahamists who are attempting to drive the discourse on Indology.  Hindus need to educate themselves on the Varna Vyavastha so that they don’t fall prey to the lunatic discourse on caste in the diaspora.  Purva Paksha is necessary and while many Hindus are under the half-assessment that Muslims and Christians are Hinduism’s biggest enemy, it is simply irresponsible and even foolish to disregard the culture and the system which gave birth to Islam and Christianity.  While present-day Israel is considered to be a friend by many measures, the damage which these Indology scholars and their warped works continue to cause to the Hindu and other psyche needs to be studied and brought to light.
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