Who Can Save Hindu Girls in Pakistan?

Hindu girls in Pakistan as young as 10, 12, 13 year old minors are forcefully abducted from their families, converted to Islam and married off 40-50 or even older Muslim men in Pakistan in an organised manner in Pakistan. In fact, Human Rights agencies and media reports have recorded that nearly three minor Hindu girls are abducted daily by Islamists and raped, converted and married off to their abductors in Pakistan, while the law enforcing agencies and judiciary in Pakistan willy-nilly aid this blatant violation of child rights and basic human rights and aid ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Pakistan.

Politically Perfect, discusses this important issue in a video with Utsav Chakrabarty of Hindu Action and throw light on who are these minor girls, from where are they and who are the abductors who perpetrate this gross human rights violation.

Since the victims are mainly Hindu girls and few Sikh, Christian girls there is an apathy to raise awareness and address the problem gross violation of basic child and human rights of young females in Pakistan.

Do watch and share this video to help highlight the completely heart-breaking hopeless situation of young girls in Pakistan to save them from this plight and bring to justice the brazen jihadi criminals who perpetrate such unspeakable violence against young girl children in Pakistan just because they are non-Muslims and follow Hinduism.

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Featured image showing Hindu girls abducted and converted in Pakistan sourced from Opindia.com (Hindi)