Is the Useless PETA India Office soon to be replaced by Robots?

PETA India is anti-Hindu. There is no debate or doubt about this as Hindu festivals are always being canceled, while stupid alternatives are being introduced to replace the festivals. The latest such stupidity is the replacement of real elephants in the name of animal welfare. The organization was able to introduce a robotic elephant at the temple in southern India. All under the guise of freeing animals from supposed cruelty. 
Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days. Over the past decades, many jobs have been replaced by artificial intelligence often known as robots or bots.  This trend started during the industrial revolution when machines were discovered to be much more efficient, reliable, and low maintenance as compared to the training, and other inherent inefficiencies of human workers.  
For example, machines don’t take up training days, machines do not have personal lives, and do not need to call in sick at work last minute. Many jobs in the past few years have been taken over by robots. This includes the manufacturing of toys, cars, food, clothes, etc. Do PETA employees need training?  Do they have children and lives where they put their child’s welfare over company welfare?  Are they getting big, fat paychecks?
PETA India office should consider replacing inefficient human beings with artificial intelligence. Simple chatbots can replace the deracinated Hindus and converts who are trying to decimate Hinduism from India. In short, these employees who think they are doing an amazing job, destroying their own culture and civilization simply need to be uprooted and replaced by efficient robots. Robots also do not need to get paid. So it’s an easy task to replace the employees by simply firing them. This will save PETA India loads of money each year. 
Since these employees have no value for anything traditional, they should be happy to embrace their anti-traditional freedom of unemployment. Let these employees lose their jobs, and then understand the value of tradition – as in a traditional 8 am to 5 pm job where they get a traditional paycheck.  
This would be a hard lesson learned in the “go woke, go broke” world. I am all for seeing these PETA employees freed from their cages of holding traditional jobs. Unemployment is the new freedom. Giver robots a fair chance. Who is with me?