‘Trust me, you will reach home safely, that is our job’: India’s Defence Attache to Saudi Arabia assures safety of Indians fleeing civil war in Sudan

India’s Defence Attache to Saudi Arabia, Col GS Grewal, assured countrymen being evacuated from strife-torn Sudan through Saudi Arabia that they will be safely taken back to their homeland. 

In a viral video, Col Grewal is seen urging people to cooperate with the agencies involved in the evacuation process. Further, in the video, which is being widely circulated on social media, India’s Defence Attache to Saudi Arabia is heard assuring fellow Indians, who fled the ongoing violence in the African nation, that they will be back home at the earliest. He further exhorted the evacuees “to work as a team with the agencies” involved in the rescue operation. 

“We have reached here (Jeddah) safely. We faced a very tough time, All of you are here safely with your families,” Col GS Grewal says in the video. 

“Trust me, from this moment onwards, all of you will reach home safely. That is our job,” he says further. 

“In this, I need your cooperation as well. Everybody will be taken out safely (from Sudan). Even after the last persons here is evacuated, we would stay here, don’t worry. Ships and planes are lined up,” he assured fellow Indians evacuated from Sudan. 

“Don’t panic, let’s just make a priority list from today, starting with women and children who are sick. You may be facing a shortage of food and water. Be assured that all your concerns will be addressed and everything will be sorted out. We will take care of everything,” he added. 

“We are here. I am going to be here. We want to take you back to India at the earliest. This is our aim,” Col GS Grewal said while assuring the people. 

Further, in the viral video, people can be heard thanking him again and again and his words of assurance were followed by chants of “Vande Mataram” from the crowd. 

As part of ‘Operation Kaveri’, the first flight carrying Indian nationals evacuated from violence-hit Sudan landed in the national capital on Wednesday. 
As the Indians arrived in Delhi, they raised slogans like ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, ‘Indian Army Zindabad’, and ‘PM Narendra Modi Zindabad’.

Featured Image: Indians coming back from from Sudan following Operation Kaveri (Image credit: BBC)

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