One of the common definitions of dystopia is a futuristic or imagined setting where freedom is lost and oppression reigns. This is the setting for the film Adipurush.    While the Ramayana is a historical account, the filmmakers have utilized an ill-fitting futuristic setting for the tale which doesn’t quiteContinue Reading

Bold, intense, disquieting, absorbing – that’s how the film The Kerala Story can be described. Director Sudipto Sen has chosen a very important and sensitive subject and has presented a brilliant film.   The film is based on true incidents and portrays how the lives of three young girls are shatteredContinue Reading

I watched “The Kerala Story” with my family. For the first time, it was the first day, the first show for me. And what a hard-hitting film, shot intelligently with admirable clarity and unflinching focus, with no silly songs and dream sequences. The filmmakers truthfully displayed everything which happens whenContinue Reading

Bollywood movies has a long tradition of vilifying Hindu customs, lampooning Hindu deities and berating Hinduism while peddling soft Islamist agenda. This trend has been challenged by only three Hindi movies and one Malayalam movie so far in the recent past considering the long history of Indian cinema over sevenContinue Reading

Bollywood or the Hindu film industry has a long history of anti-Hindu agenda while glorifying Islam, Islamic traditions and deifying Mughal invaders. Hindu characters are always shown in bad light, the heros are always atheists when Hindus. Muslim characters, specially Maulanas are always shown in good light with great integrityContinue Reading

Facing Hindu outrage in social media on release of the Adipurush trailer as another assault on Hindu sensibilities by an Islamised anti-Hindu Bollywood, Manoj Muntashir the scriptwriter of Adipurush tries to valiantly defend the Alauddin Khilji like looks of Ravana in the movie by insisting that Khilji is today’s Ravana.Continue Reading


Social media and Twitter are abuzz with boycotting Aamir and his co-star Kareena’s long-delayed misadventure film – Lal Singh Chaddha #BoycottLalSinghChaddha ). Gone are the days when #Bollywood could easily and unquestionably brainwash Hindus and get them addicted to Islam, Communism, and pornography. People are smartly circulating video clips whereContinue Reading