Many of us are not aware  that in the list of the longest reigning empires in the world, there were three Tamil empires. The British Empire is ranked only as forty-eighth. Chera Reign – 430 BCE – 1102CE = 1532 years Chola Period – 301 BCE – 1279CE = 1580Continue Reading

Dravidian slaves who portray women as vile beast to fulfill their lust, go burn your ideology. They choose to quote a mischievously false translation of Manusmirti and venomous commentary written by their Hindu hating leader, K Veeramani to spread lies that Mansumriti demeans Shudras. A Raja of 2G scam fame, Continue Reading

It is an open secret in Tamil Nadu that the Tamil cinema industry is a Sultanate or fiefdom of the Karunanidhi family, where the writ of the family runs large. They can single handedly destroy the film careers of artists who do not bow down to their feudal lordship. LikeContinue Reading

Agraharams in Tamil Nadu are increasingly turning Islamic at an alarming pace. Agraharams are centuries-old ancient traditional Brahmin settlements in villages. It consists of row houses flanking both sides of a road with its own Temple and all activities of the residents based on the Temple ecosystem. The Agraharam rowContinue Reading