What Should be Set on Fire?

Dravidian slaves who portray women as vile beast to fulfill their lust, go burn your ideology.

They choose to quote a mischievously false translation of Manusmirti and venomous commentary written by their Hindu hating leader, K Veeramani to spread lies that Mansumriti demeans Shudras.

A Raja of 2G scam fame,  goes out and declares that all Hindus are born from prostitutes since Shudhra means prostitute’s children.This obnoxious claim has been supported by the ruling Dravidian party and its leaders in Tamil Nadu. Not even a single leader from the party has condemned this outrageous statement. He also went on to instigate the Dravidian party cadres and their allies to burn Manusmriti.

He is trying to divert attention from misgovernance and local issues by bringing in a book which is not relevant to the problems faced by Tamil Nadu residents today just to humiliate Hindus. 

The worst part is the DMK’s major ally, the Indian National Congress, whose leader Rahul Gandhi is supposed to be a “Janeudhari Brahmin” is completely mum about A Raja’s vile statements while minority party leaders are supporting him.

Social justice, women’s liberation, rationality, these are empty talks of the Dravidian parties.

These wretched people who follow the words of a  person who has spread hatred towards fellow human beings have no right to speak about Hindu Dharma.

Whoever it is -starting from Raja  to Seeman- first need to learn basic civility and treat women with dignity. All of these so-called rationalist leaders have never treated women with dignity.

Please do not deceive women to survive as a party, starting from Thamarai toTamilachi till today they are fighting for justice. They have not got justice from the Dravidian ideology followers. In fact they have been harassed and vilified for exposing their double standards. All minority religious people who are supporting this audacious speech of A Raja and cheering him would lose the faith and good will of Hindus.

By saying Hindus to born from prostitutes they have not only shamed the Hindus but also women. A Raja is a serial offender when it comes to abusing women. In the run up to the 2021 Tamil Nadu assembly elections, he made vulgar and disparaging remarks about the then Tamil Nadu CM Edappadi Palaniswami, by calling Palaniswami an illegitimate child which created huge furore and A Raja was forced to apologise for the same.

Unless these Dravidian parties are taught a lesson, they will never refrain from deliberately twisting and misinterpreting all scriptures, holy figures and treatises connected to Sanatan Dharma for spreading their venom against Hindus.