Mr. Seeman who proclaims himself to follow the ideology of Tamil nationalism says he is just a co-ordinator of a party called “Naam Tamilar” which means, “We are Tamils”. But nobody knows who is the leader of the party. He started his life as a cinema actor, director and producer. He was fairly successful too. Then suddenly he made an entry into politics. It started with his claim to be the saviour of Tamils and he started focusing on Sri Lankan issues. 

His speeches are dramatic, emotional and sarcastic. This has helped him to rope in the Tamil youth behind him. His party was started when the Eelam war was at its height and his claim of meeting Prabhakaran, the LTTE chief.  His claim to fame is a boast of having turtle delicacies with the LTTE head, and has been a butt of jokes with his critics calling him “turtle meat Seeman”. Jokes apart he has supported Sri Lankan Tamils and has always raised his decibels whenever it comes to the issue of Sri Lankan Tamils. 

But later he was disowned by the Sri Lankan Tamils when they understood that he was making money across the globe in their name by misusing the people’s sympathy for them. Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora has also funded him largely to support the Tamilians. Later they found him cheating and today he is not on good terms with them He has not done anything for them except fill up his own coffers.

He claims he got a 7% vote and DMK won by just a 3% vote so it is quite evident that if Seaman’s party did not contest the election those votes would have gone to AIADMK. It is suspected that he is a B Team of DMK just to split the anti-DMK votes. Also when many were arrested like Maridas, Savukku Shankar, Kishore K Samy, etc. for speaking out against DMK, Seeman was never even criticized, leave alone being arrested for his vitriolic attack against DMK, MK Stalin and Udhayanidhi Stalin.

Also, his party’s first meeting happened in the house of highly controversial pastor Jagat Gasper, a missionary with dubious character and an ally of DMK. Seaman himself is supposed to be a Christian as his name as per record is Simon. His speeches are misleading and contradict his own claims. He keeps attacking Hinduism and suddenly changes his stance and says Tamils are not Hindus and Tamils’ gods are different. But he never attacks other Abrahamist religions and claims them all to be Tamils. There is a big question as to how he gets huge money for running a party when MGR himself struggled to run his party initially. It is quite likely that he could be funded by the missionaries.

Also, his marriage with the daughter of Mr. Kalimuthu who was a DMK functionary and later became a Speaker of the TN Assembly with AIADMK during the ADMK regime is also shrouded with mystery.

                                                                                                                                                                     An actress Ms. Vijayalakashmi has openly challenged him. and still seeking justice as she says that Seeman has cheated her. She claims they were in love but he ditched her for Ms. Kayalvizhi who is the daughter of a rich politician. 

Though his critics call him a clown in Tamilnadu politics, we can see that he had made an impact on the youngsters in TN as he calls them “Thambigal” meaning brother which includes his own party men. His claims have been mostly false or baseless without any proof.

One has to wonder how he gets money to run his party, as the party habitually keeps organizing huge gatherings, meetings and agitations.  There is a huge question mark on how and from where he is getting the fund for all this. He claims he doesn’t even have a house and is a small-time farmer. His lavish lifestyle and running a party with dubious credentials have created suspicions and left many questions unanswered. The answer could lie with the strange tolerance shown by DMK and MK Stalin’s government in dealing with his histrionics.

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