Bollywood’s Anti-Hindu Agenda

Bollywood or the Hindu film industry has a long history of anti-Hindu agenda while glorifying Islam, Islamic traditions and deifying Mughal invaders. Hindu characters are always shown in bad light, the heros are always atheists when Hindus. Muslim characters, specially Maulanas are always shown in good light with great integrity and overflowing with love and compassion, while a Hindu Pandit is always shown as a fraud and cheat spreading superstitious belief.

The phenomenon is not new, although the trend became more in your face rank lampooning of Hindu customs and even deities. The movie PK portraying Bhagwan Shiva as some joker running on the streets and lampooning Hindu customs like breaking coconut in Mandirs, while dealing with Islamic beliefs more reverentially in an atheist alien centric movie hurt the sentiments of many Hindus.

The anti-Hindu agenda is not limited to communist writers and Muslim actors, lyricists, etc. in the film industry. Even the big guns of film industry like Amitabh Bachchan has repeatedly essayed atheist characters refusing to go to Temples and referring to Murtis of Deities as “pieces of Stone” while being very reverential to the number 786 considered holy in Islam. The 1970s movie Deewar is famous for such contradictory Hinduphobic scenes.

Latest webseries on Netflix named Jamtara – Sabka Number Ayega again has a twisted plot based in Jharkhand, Jamtara showing cybercrime and online financial fraud. All the cyber criminals defrauding people and siphoning off money are shown as Hindu charachters and the journalist exposing these crimes is again predictably shown as a Muslim character.

Satyam Tiwari in his video points out that in reality a huge cyber crime racket was bust by a special operation of Delhi Police in Jamtara in 2021 where the criminals were all mostly Muslims and their head was again a Muslim.

Watch the video for a detailed report on Bollywood’s systematic anti-Hindu agenda.

Notably, Sony TV in its crime patrol episode had flipped the entire horrific real life Shraddha Walkar murder case by Aftab Poonawala by portraying the victim girl as a Christian who marries a possessive violent Hindu character for love and the Hindu boy kills his wife and cuts her into 36 pieces and stores her body parts in refrigerator. The mischief here is very evident where real crime is committed by Aftab Poonawalla who has a history of having string of girlfriends all female and also in his confession to the police stated that he believes that he would go to heaven by killing Shraddha – a Kafir woman and cutting her into several pieces storing it in fridge and disposing it in different areas of Delhi.

The agenda therefore is very clearly to create a narrative and impression that devout Hindus are criminals while whitewashing all crimes done by Muslims and heaping them on to Hindu characters artificially. Bollywood uses its power to influence Indians to aid Islamisation of Bharat.