U.S. India Alliance as close as U.S. Israel is Impossible

US-INDIA ALLIANCE AS CLOSE AS US-ISRAEL IS IMPOSSIBLE – INDIANS NOT PEOPLE OF THE BOOK AND NEVER WILL BE!India is a Hindu nation in ethos, culture and religion, with the second largest Muslim population in the world, just like Pakistan is a bigoted, theocratic Islamic state. This is a fact despite the screaming of so-called Indian sickular libtards. This is a fact despite internationalist terminally stupid, supercilious, western educated deracinated from Hindu roots Gandhian-Nehruvian Indians. This is a fact despite a legion of inclusive, well meaning generous liberals in the US. This is a fact despite His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and diverse other much lesser Hindu luminaries, c.f. Sri, Sri Ravi Shankar, and the populist, charismatic Hugging Saint Amritanandamayi being welcomed with open arms in the US.Indians are not and never will be Abrahamic People of the Book. Despite the hostility for the forseeable future between China and India, socio-culturally and religio-politically China, (and Russia) and India are closer than the US and India can ever hope to be, except over millennial time. This is impossible to predict, or worthwhile to speculate.Yes, I am sitting in the US when I make these statements. No I am not a closet commie, pinko, leftist, Marxist or any similar delightful appellation.The sooner the Indian government and emigre Indian Hindu organizations in the US ga-ga and going overboard comprehend and internalize this fact the better. It will be better for India, and better for the US. It will give sharper, clearer, more productive focus to US-India relations.It looks as if India under Prime Minister Modi is bringing in a military alliance with the US through the backdoor.It is rather late in the day for this. And the US cannot be really trusted with the baggage of its 50+ year fixation on and commitment to Pakistan through CENTO and SEATO.Post Modi there could again be a weak Indian coalition government, heavily Khangress influenced and again Muslim appeasing, run by poltroons like Dr. Manmohan Singh, backseat driven by our resident semi-literate Italian barmaid and proconsul of the Vatican, or those of her ilk.The US will choose the easy way out to force a wretched, mewling, Gandhian Indian government to make concessions on Kashmir and everything else to Pakistan for its own worldwide Islamic containment strategy to ensure the safety of the US mainland.India should be very firm to seek its pound of flesh from the US as proof of its long term, sincere commitment to Indian Hindutva. This is not happening, will not happen, cannot happen. We have already seen the backflips (flops?) of so-called great friend of India and PM Modi, President Obama.Obama is now in any case a lame duck with little power (or inclination) to do anything substantive for US-India relations. He faces a hostile Republican Congress, and the rise of worldwide, militant, terrorist Islamic power. Plus one should never, never forget Obama’s real feelings about Modi and the Gujarat Muslim riots, beneath all that surface bon homie. This was revealed at the private fund raiser in Chicago for his second presidential run, where no recording devices were permitted. Obama said, “My name is Barack HUSSEIN Obama”. Such deep rooted visceral convictions do not change or disappear ever, certainly not overnight. Obama’s carrying a little Hanuman icon on his keychain, counts for beans, despite naïve, emigre Hindu Indians going ga ga over it.And then there is insincere Hillary Clinton now desperately doing oleaginous kissy face for donations to Hindu Indian Silicon Valley plutocrats. This is the same Hillary who was the architect of the Get Modi policy when she was Secretary of State. This is the same Hillary Clinton who wears her conservative, evangelist, Sunday School teaching Methodist credentials on her sleeve. Her de facto Chief of Staff is SO-CALLED secular Pakistani Muslim Huma Abedin who grew up in Saudi Arabia, and whose mother is still a professor in Saudi Arabia. We all know about emancipated, enlightened Saudi attitudes towards women – they become infertile by driving cars.Again naïve émigré Hindu organizations doing backflips for Hillary may want to remember these incontrovertible factoids. Of course, if these Indian emigre organization heads are so-called enlightened Gandhians, as so many are, it is hopeless to say anything. Still one must try.It looks like The Donald may be the best bet for India’s interests. He has been unambiguous and totally open about his admiration for India, and ability and willingness to stick it to the circumcised unwashed of Allah and Islam.Yes, yes, I can hear the screams and catervauling of the Ivy League educated Indian bluestockings from blocks away. To that I reply education and wisdom (or pratyaksha anubhava contextually in Sanskrit) are two different things. I too was Ivy League all the way, until I disowned it in sheer disgust. Trump may not, can not become President. But one can fantasize in idle moments that he will become the Leader of the Free World with his more egregious socio-cultural burrs ground away.Indians, particularly woolly headed, naïve, politically impractical Gandhian Hindus tend to let their sentiments and emotions dominate reason and facts. They would do well to remember the words of Lord Palmerston and Iron Chancellor Bismarck:”Nations have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, just permanent interests.”HENRY JOHN TEMPLE, 3RD VISCOUNT (LORD) PALMERSTON (1784–1865)BRITISH PRIME MINISTER & STATESMAN“Politics is the art of the possible”.COUNT OTTO VON BISMARCK (1815–1898), PRUSSIAN CHANCELLOR, REMARK AUG. 11, 1867Gandhi never understood or accepted this in his obsequious, demeaning perennial Muslim appeasement. This has been the cause of an unending series of national disasters for India vis a vis Pakistan, Islam and ChinaWhen all is said and done, the US is a secular state, but still a Christian country. It is not Hindu, not Buddhist. The US has strong Jewish and lately Islamic influence. At its core, the US is more akin Christianity, Judaism and Islam, all being People of the Book. This is in sharp contrast to India, China or Japan which are NOT People of the Book.The candid and chilling priorities of the Roman Catholic cardinal of New York, arguably the most powerful in Catholic Christendom are very revealing! Either Edward Cardinal Egan or Timothy Cardinal Dolan, I forget which, said his priorities were Catholics, Christians, Jews and Muslims. He stopped there, period! No mention of Hindus, Buddhists, Rastafarians, Satanists, Wiccans, et.al. Need I say more? This is the US mindset, except for a tiny, inclusive, liberal minority.These are deep millennia old leanings and roots which will persist. The equivalent of the underlying reptilian brain in humans which promotes instinctive, visceral reaction.This is why I HAVE SERIOUS DOUBTS THAT AN US-INDIA ALLIANCE AS CLOSE AS US-ISRAEL IS EVER POSSIBLE. Not for another 300 to 500 years until Christianity becomes measurably more mature, and the US becomes a true inclusive, syncretist Hindu-Buddhist country in value systems.Such changes take millennial time, certainly beyond many lifetimes of mine or yours. But I am optimistic over 500 years. Maybe by then even vulgar, crude, bestial Saudi and Middle Eastern Islam will have become civilized and moderated, c.f. Indian Sufi version.My Chinese Ch’an Master Shifu Sheng Yen was considered the greatest Buddhist out of Taiwan in perhaps 400 years. Shifu established his principle worldwide center Institute of Chung Hwa Buddhist Meditation Center FIRST in Elmhurst, Queens, New York City. It was only much later that the giant Dharma Drum Mountain Monastery and Buddhist Research Center came up in Peitou, Taiwan.Shifu once observed in a private conversation with me, and a very few others, that the US is very young. It is IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE US to become a Buddhist nation for at least 200 years. “I am merely laying the seeds of Buddhism in the US to sprout and grow slowly before they become strong in 200 to 250 years.My Hindu Vedanta teacher who spent some 48+ years teaching in Southern Africa including South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia observed that it would take at least 2000 years for the seeds of Vedanta he had laid to germinate and flower and fruit in Africa.Great religions and religious teachers think in terms of changes over millennial time impossible for mere politicians, even statesmen to conceive.To close these ruminations, it is extremely unlikely for close US-India relations at the level of US-Israel relations ever to develop, except over millennial time. Indians are not People of the Book. Americans and Canadians are.For a variety of reasons Canada may be a much better bet for such close diplomatic relations with India. But then Canada is tiny in population, though giant in area. It can never develop the military strength of the US. Over millennial time it is possible that seminal global geo-political changes may occur. These changes could easily result in the US swallowing gentle Canada, its giant northern neighbor in size but low in population. Stranger things have happened in world history.However, it is not fruitful to speculate on such millennial change. It will be gradual on the scale of the Fall and Rise of Dr. Hari Seldon’s Earth Empire, in Dr. Isaac Asimov’s great classic The Foundation Trilogy – Foundation – Foundation & Empire – Second Foundation.This does not mean that India should stop trying to develop closer relations with the US to initiate positive change on India versus Pakistan, Islam and China. But beyond certain tight limits, India should be very clear that results can only be for the benefit of the US.The cultures, value systems, and religious backgrounds of China, Japan and India, all populous countries totaling a large chunk of the world population are very similar. It is because of this that Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan could happily participate in a Ganesh Puja in India. Ganesha has been worshipped in Japan, a Buddhist country for centuries. Can one even conceive of Modi friend Obama doing the same, notwithstanding the Hanuman icon on his keychain???This is why I say, for the forseeable future, China, and Japan are MUCH BETTER bets for a true and close partnership with India.India should work to develop much closer business and political ties with the US. In particular, India should work really hard to foster closer cultural ties with the US which really enable one to bond. Inviting US students to study in India is key, as well as cultural exchanges, promotion of yoga, and Hindu tenets. There should be at the political and economic level hard headed expectation of tangible and concrete proof of US commitment to India vis a vis Pakistan, (and China).Flowery expressions of goodwill and empty bombastic phrases to which Indians are much addicted and $2.75 gets one a ride on the New York subway. India and Modi (better than most effete Indian politicians) have so much to learn from the decisive and plain speaking, even if much disliked Bibi Netanyahu of Israel.Jai Hind! Nagendra S. Rao