Our Unsung Heroes (Part-6) – Chattarpati Sambhaji Maharaj

How Chattarpati Sambhaji Maharaj succeeded in engaging Jihadi Mughal Emperor for almost 10 Long years in Deccan & how this factor proved to be the last nail in the Coffin of Mughal Empire?? And the lion roared, “I will not leave the Hindu fold even if your daughter sleeps with me”. -Chattarpati Sambhaji Maharaj (When Jihadi Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb asked Sambhaji to denounce Hinduism & accept Islam) Chattarpati Sambhaji maharaj, descendent of the great Shivaji Maharaj was one of the strongest and bravest king, the world had ever seen. He was one of the rarest Combination of Shastra(Fighting skills) & Gyan(Education  & Administratieve Skills).Chattarpati Sambhaji Maharaj was the eldest Son of The Legendary Chattarpati Shivaji Maharaj & was heir to the throne of Maratha Empire founded in 1674 by Great Shivaji Maharaj, though Sambhaji lost his mother Saibai at an fairly young age but he was cared & bought by his Grandmother Maa Jijabai who instilled in him the Great moral values & respect for motherland & Dharma, Chattarpati Sambhaji Maharaj after his Coronation in 1681 Started with an force of 1,00,000 Soldiers as Compared to large Mughal army of more then 7,00,000-8,00,000 but Just like his Father Succeeded in building an Great Guerilla warfare Contingent that made the Mughals literally to be wiped out of all the major portions of Deccan which were Coveted by Ghastly Ruler Aurangzeb who thought it will be an Cakewalk for him to take away all the Deccan post Shivaji’s death in 1680,but his this illusion proved to be an false dream of his as Chattarpati Sambhaji Maharaj not only proved to be an worthy ruler but gave him hell of an fight which he never dreamed even in his worst dreams, Sambhaji Maharaj took a leaf out of the book of one of the Legendary Fighter Maharana Pratap the way he made his Bhills Guerilla Contingent to use their archery skills to destroy the famed Mughal Artillery & Canons he reinvented the Same idea of tying a Cloth packet of Gun powder with Sharpened Iron pieces & stones,Nails & broken parts of arrow edges with the Burning arrows which when Shot at the enemy’s Contingent Using Guerilla warfare strategy used to Blast & Create Havoc amongst the enemy’s forces & frontline cavalry & infantry, the other major success of Chattarpati Sambhaji Maharaj was that he managed to build relations with the Enemies of Mughal tyrants in the north be it Rajputs of Marwar under Durgadas Rathore(primarily) or Jats or Sikhs, the period of 9-10 years in which he managed to keep Aurangzeb engaged in Deccan gave an opportunity for the enemies of Mughals in north to carry out their relentless attacks on Mughals & thus resulted in the further weakening of Mughal empire both financially & militarily as it Compelled Mughals to fight on other fronts as well, This made the tyrant & blood thirsty Mughal Empror Aurangzeb mad with Anger.After trying almost for 27 long years Aurangzeb could never overcome the Marathas and died at Ahmednagar, which, at present, is in the state of Maharashtra. He started by trying to capture a small fort at Ramsej but his 10000 men could not defeat 600 Mavalas for 4 long months. He tried his hand at Chakan and kept trying at almost 13 other forts simultaneously but could not overcome the Marathas.Sambhaji maharaj was unbeatable on battlefield. Only in 1689 Aurangzeb could capture Sambhaji Maharaj by bribing certain Maratha chieftains. He made him sit on a camel dressed with a nail gown. Sambhaji’s procession was carried out. Anyone who would pull the camel’s tail from the crowd would result in the camel shaking his head which would drive the numerous nails into his body.Enraged by this Aurangzeb ordered hot rods to be inserted into Sambhaji’s eyes, his tongue was cut and nails pulled out. He was tied to a pole and anyone would chop his flesh to feed a dog or a crow but the Maratha Chhattrapati was hesitant to die. For 40 days he sustained. He continued breathing through that 40 days for his people. Finally on the eve of Gudi Padwa his head was cut and was hung at the confluence of Bhima and Indrayani rivers.It is said that when the Mughal tyrant Aurangzeb ordered the Beheading of Chattarpati Sambhaji Maharaj hé after listening to his voice passed an Sarcastic Smile on his Blinded & Damaged face, Signalling that he has Somewhat Achieved what he intended to do.The news of Butcherly & cruel Death of Sambhaji Maharaj not only united the Maratha Chiefs but also send an feeling of Anger amongst his North Indian allies, Immediately after news of Barbaric killing of Sambhaji Maharaj reached north,Soon after when Mughal armies Marched in towards south on the orders of Aurangzeb to aid him in his Deccan Campaigns as they reached the Aravalli Plains his Contingent had to face an surprise Gureilla attack from Rajput forces of Marwar under Veer Durgadas Rathore, the Jats gave an similar type of response when the Damaged & war struck Mughal Contingent retreated to Agra, Though Mughal forces after an bitter fight Suceeded in Brutal killings of few Jat Chiefs but this butcherly acts made various Khaaps of Jats to unite & launch an Combined attack on Mughal armies, further in north the Sikhs had already Started an Massive hit & Run Campaign against Mughal forces which now began to loose Control over their areas.It is said that during the final moments of his death Aurangzeb murmured that “I came empty handed in this world but now I am leaving this world with a burden of Sins on my head, I wish atleast Even if I had one son like Sambhaji, I would have converted the whole of India into an Islamic State”Long live the legacy. Long live Swarajya!!Great salute to Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj !!Source: Rishabh Singh