Gar Firdaus Bar mein Zameen Ast, Hamin Ast Hamin Ast   if there is paradise on earth, this is it, this is it and this is it         –Persian poet Firdaus Sometime in the mid-8th century, Arabs under governor Junaid from Sindh attacked Kashmir, however, powerful king LalitadtiyaContinue Reading

Tansen was born Ramtanu Pandey in 1500 to a prominent poet and musician Mukund Pandey. He strongly influenced his son and raised him in an environment where classical music was an essential part of day to day life. In childhood, he learnt the music from his guru Haridas and becameContinue Reading

frontier of hate-a82db043

Once upon a time not so long ago, a playboy was about to land at Peshawar airport. He was a happy man when he saw the swirling crowds waiting for him down below. He felt like a king. However, just as his plane started its descent, a bullet whizzed past his window.Continue Reading


15th August 2022 – The much celebrated 75th day of Independence is a joyous occasion but as is our wont as Hindus, we forget. We forgot the tragedy that was partition of our Matrubhumi – something that 1000 years of invasions couldn’t do, Islam did it in 10 years. WeContinue Reading