List of largest empires in India history 1.King vikramaditya — whole Asia King Vikramaditya made Ujjain his capital, in present-day Madhya Pradesh. He almost ruled whole Asia . Vikramaditya empire controlled many parts of Modern day China, Entire Middle East and Many Parts of South East Asia. NOTE : ThisContinue Reading

According to a YouGov poll in 2016, 43 percent of British citizens thought the existence of the British Empire was a “good thing,” while only 19 percent disagreed. It’s a myth that British imperialism benefited one of its richest colonies, India when on the contrary it drained all its wealth andContinue Reading

The period of the 17th century was an era of chaos and general discontent among the Hindu population of the Deccan. People secretly desired a saviour who could eliminate the injustice and promise them the land to call their own. The liberator finally arose. Armed with the concept of HindaviContinue Reading

THE BRITISH IN INDIA A Social History of the Raj By David Gilmour Illustrated. 618 pp. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $35. The United Kingdom’s still-roiling Brexit controversy, with the referendum’s most fervent supporters boasting of an unleashed Britain recapturing imperial-era glory, has tended to leave the messier, bloodier details ofContinue Reading