Lost in History – Lalitaditya Muktapida (724 – 760 CE)

Lalitaditya’s glorious reign proves to the world that Kashmir, the land of Rishi Kashyap, was and has always been an integral part of India, besides being the centre of excellence in science, art, literature, and architecture. Hence the claim of the naysayers, that Kashmir was never an integral part of India, even to this day, despite the abrogation of #Article370, is negated once the history of Lalitaditya is known.

#LalitadityaMuktapida, ruled for 36 years during which he defeated the Arabs, the Momin of Bukhara (Uzbekistan) and subdued the Turks and the Tibetans. He not only protected his subjects and kingdom but built a giant empire by means of aggressive strategies and military prowess. His empire stretched from Central Asia to the Gangetic Plain and was at least twice the size of the #MughalEmpire during its peak.

He was known to be an able administrator who also patronized various arts, crafts, and different branches of learning. He built the #MartandSunTemple, a specimen of architectural brilliance; the ruins of which can be found at #Anantnag in the Union Territory of #JammuandKashmir #RightHistory wonders why this great Hindu emperor with towering achievements like these is #LostinHistory?