Islamist Mobs Attack Ram Navami Procession Across Six States with Stone Pelting & Arson

The celebrations of the joyous festival of the birth of Bhagwan Ram revered by Hindus was attacked brazenly by Islamist mobs across six states in India from Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh leaving several Hindu devotees severely injured and two dead.

It has now become a regular feature by Islamist jihadis to attack in an organised manner religious processions taken out by Hindus on important Hindu festivals like Ramanavami, Hanuman Jayanti, Durga Pujo, Ganesha Chaturthi utsav, Kawaria Yatra etc. whenever the procession goes through muslim dominated areas. Whereas Hindus are expected to make way for muslims to squat all over public roads, parks, railway stations etc. every Friday for Friday namaaz and during Ramzan. In secular India, muslim dominated areas turn into virtual mini Pakistans where Hindus are not even allowed to ring the bells in their house Temples and any religious procession of Hindus during festivals are attacked with heavy stone pelting, arson, burning of vehicles – police and private by islamist mobs in a pre-planned manner by stocking up stones, Molotov cocktail bombs, petrol bombs etc.


Media reported violence in three areas of Maharashtra viz. Aurangabad, Malad and Jalgaon. In Aurangabad, Ram temple in Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar‘s Kiradpura area saw heavy stone pelting and 13 vehicles were set on fire. A mob of around 500 people hurled stones and petro-filled bottles even as police tried to control the situation using tear gas and plastic bullets.

In Malad’s Malvani area, which is virtual mini-Pakistan, several people were injured, including four constables, when a Shoba Yatra as part of Ram Navami procession was attacked by local Islamists during a Shobha Yatra as part of the Ram Navami celebrations.

In Jalgaon too a Ram Navami procession was attacked when it passed in front of mosque just because Muslims did not want to hear the bhajans from DJ accompanying the Shoba Yatra.


In West Bengal too, Howrah and Dalkhola saw unprecedented violence with large scale arson and stone pelting during Ram Navami celebrations. In Howrah’s Kazipara, several vehicles were torched and shops were ransacked. Police said a group of people attacked a Ram Navami procession and started throwing glass bottles, stones and bricks at those who had participated in it.

Several vehicles were torched in Shibpur as well during a Ram Navami procession. The situation is so bad that Hindus are forced to flee from muslim dominated areas in West Bengal as they are being targeted by local Islamists for observing Hindu religious festivals.

Vehicles set on fire during clashes at Kajipara in Howrah district on Ramanavami.

In Dalkhola several people were injured and a person was killed as result of attack on Ram Navami procession with glass bottles, bricks and stones. Even policemen were not spared in the attack by Islamists and many of them were badly injured when they tried to control the violence by Islamist radicals.

What is worse is, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee openly said Hindus will have to pay the price for venturing into muslim dominated areas as though it is a crime to celebrate Hindu festivals in a muslim dominated area in a secular democratic country.

As stated by Janpeace, though violence during Hindu Festivals has become a common sadistic reality but this behaviour of the radicals is rooted in their intolerance & an Islamic ritual called “Rami-ul Jamarat”
meaning “Stoning the Devil”.


Two Ram Navami processions were attacked in the Fatehpura area of Gujarat’s Vadodara city. People hurled stones at each other and damaged several vehicles on the road.


Two people were injured after they were stabbed as a result of attack on Ram Navami procession passing by a mosque in Karnataka’s Hassan. A total of four people were injured according to media reports.


In Lucknow, Ram Navami Shobha Yatra was attacked near Shahi Masjid. Stones were pelted and people were assaulted as per media reports.


Large scale violence was also reported in Bihar’s Munger over a Ram Navami procession entering the Hazratganj Mohalla area.

Hindus are fleeing from Sasaram due to one-sided Islamist attack on Hindus on Rama Navami in Bihar Sharif with clueless police unable to control the rioting islamist mobs. In fact the violence and riots continued for nearly a week now from Rama Navami. Hindus living in Sasaram fear for their life due to death threats, rape threats and burning of their shops and properties.


Violent attacks during Hindu festivals is fast becoming the new normal. In April last year, there were riotous attacks in at least 10 states during Hanuman Jayanti celebrations, with similar instances of stone pelting and arson. Islamist attacks were reported in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Delhi, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra over several days after Rama Navami and Hanuman Jayanti.

While the aggressor community is always the intolerant Islamist Muslims who cannot bear to hear bhajans or processions in glory of Hindu deities, the mainstream media which is infested with anti-Hindu leftists and Islamophilic people spin doctor the whole scenario in such a way where victim Hindu community members are painted as aggressors and Islamists attacking Hindus are painted as victims.

The religious freedom of Hindus is shrinking in public space and Hindus are being pushed by the administration, judiciary and media to not exercise their religious rights in public as a community while there is a free pass to occupy all public spaces be it roads, parks, railway stations or even Airport runways for Ramadan namaaz and even take out boisterous religious processions with provocative Sar Tan Se Juda and Nizam e Mustafa slogans every Friday after Jumma Namaz.

Such attitude is extremely worrisome for harmonious conditions to prevail for a peaceful society for the wellbeing of all men women and children given the increasing Islamic fundamentalism in India.

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