As a person having a Social Media presence, one knows the value of the perfect mix of Time and Authenticity. Certain information or news are extremely time sensitive but if the information/news shared turns out to be even a little bit incorrect, that information/news is discarded and infact, it isContinue Reading

The hyenas were excited. They had tasted blood and were raring for more. They had killed the wisest of animals, the elephant, had eaten its brain and now they were on a high and felt very intelligent. Mind you, killing a huge elephant was not a joke! But they didContinue Reading

It is said that whatever is there in the Mahabharata is timeless. Paundraka Vasudeva considered himself to be the real Avatar of Mahavishnu and wanted everyone to worship him. It was his so-called friends and well-wishers who encouraged this foolish thought of his. After forgiving him many times, Sri KrishnaContinue Reading