According to this Hindustan Times report, “As Biden was welcoming Modi on the south lawn of White House and engaging in bilateral talks on June 22, Obama, in an interview with CNN, had said that for Biden, the “protection of a Muslim minority in a majority Hindu India” was worth mentioning toContinue Reading

The hyenas were excited. They had tasted blood and were raring for more. They had killed the wisest of animals, the elephant, had eaten its brain and now they were on a high and felt very intelligent. Mind you, killing a huge elephant was not a joke! But they didContinue Reading

Jesus birthday is unknown, was randomly fixed by an enterprising Pope Julius 1 around 350 CE.
The date was probably picked up to coincide with the celebrations of Saturnalia- an ancient Roman festival in honour of God Saturn, held on December 17 of the Julian calendar, and later expanded with festivities through to December 25. With this clever move, Vatican managed to subsume an important pagan festival into Christianity. Thanks to aggressive evangelization, today there are no traces of pre- Christianity pagans or their  traditions in most of Europe.

It’s really uncanny. Saturnalia celebrations by Romans were dedicated to placate Lord Saturn. This Roman practice is very close to the Indian tradition of worshiping the dreaded planet Shani (Sanaischara-one of the nine Navagraha).
Christmas has now become a big business, and its celebrations bring normal life to a halt in most parts of the world. The festival has grown into a huge cultural imposition and commercial phenomenon enriching multi-billion industry spanning across continents.Continue Reading

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There are two cities in Pakistani province of Punjab, Lahore & Kasur named respectively after the two súpútrãs of lord Rama Lúv and Kúsh. The city of “Labokla” mentioned in Ptolemy’s 2nd-century Guide to Geography is likely to have referred to Lahore. It is the birthplace of great Sanskrit Grammarian,Continue Reading