Stalin’s Development Model – Family Enrichment G Square Way!

MK Stalin and his government is celebrating one year in office, by splurging two full page advertisements in all national dailies published not only in Tamil Nadu, but all over the country including the national capital Delhi tom-toming their so-called “Dravidian Model of Development”. It is only befitting here that some light is thrown on Stalin’s real development model which enriches his own extended family at the cost of massive income loss for the state exchequer. The DMK certainly has progressed from the 2G scam during its rule from 2006-2011 to G Square scam in its current stint in office from 2021.

The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s son-in-law Mr. Sabareesan is closely associated with businessman Bala, well known as G Square Bala, owner of real estate corporation G Square. Currently the company is growing faster than the speed of sound. The government as a whole is building the grid and working for this G Square company…

According to a report in the Dinamalar newspaper, a new industrial park will be set up on 400 acres of land in Arakkonam. The park is equipped with a  track for loading and unloading goods from trains. The required number of substations, basic facilities like drinking water facility, road, drainage etc. are all being constructed and also arrangements are made to get the services of telecom companies. Even a helipad has been created for this industrial park.

A well organised industry which should be run  by a state government is done by a private company, a corporate entity run by the chief minister’s nephew.  It should be noted here that GSquare has sold about 2000 subdivided plots of land on Chennai East Coast Road, Old Mahabalipuram Road alone in the last 10 months, with a minimum starting price of Rs 1.25 crore per house.

In the last 10 months alone, the company has invested around Rs 5,000 crore around Chennai. Its land area alone is about 10 times equal to the area of Anna Nagar. More than that they have sold Hundreds of acres on the road to Bangalore, about 200 acres in Coimbatore and Palakkad, residential plots in cities like Tirupur and Trichy. Its values ​​are at least around 20 to 30 thousand crores except Chennai.

Recent newspaper reports suggested that they have bought the space of a big company in Chennai Anna Salai at a bargain price. Also the Industrial park is now spread over 400 acres in Arakkonam ,  400 acres is about 7200 flats. Isn’t this a faster (spread) growth than coronavirus?. This growth can be compared to SIPCOT or SEZ (special economic zone). Even those sectors has so far developed just 30,000 acres of industrial park in about 50 years

To set up this 400-acre industrial park, the Government of Tamil Nadu will build on it on a war footing magnificent roads, electric lights, drinking water connections and a substation at the people’s expense.

The Revenue Department, the Divisional Engineering Department, the Electricity Board, the State Highways Department, the Tamil Nadu Drinking Water Board, the Department of Deeds and all the concerned state administrations will plough these 400 acres day and night with lightning speed. But the profit is all for this GSquare company.

The establishment of an industrial park must be duly notified to the legislature by obtaining approval at a state cabinet meeting; It will come with monotonous interruptions; The villagers invariably go to court and many of them may not come forward to give their lands. It generally takes over 5 to 6 years to overcome all the hurdles and set up a SIPCOT. But a private company like G Square due to its proximity to the ruling party brings all the sectors under its control without any restriction and gets all the necessary infrastructure developed with people’s tax money and grabs all the profits.

A landowner who owns about 2 acres are granted permission only 15 to 18 months (after a bribe of about 10 percent)  after running around pillar to post from Tahsildar to PWD engineers and all middle men.This includes the henchmen of Viduthalai Chiruthaigal, and Ambedkar followers whose palms have to be greased.

From the late 1990s to 2005, the Maran Brothers loved the private television, FM radio, newspapers, and even the aviation industry invented by the Wright Brothers.

Raja and Kanimozi took over the 2G spectrum from 2005 to 2013 to regain lost opportunities and establish social justice, making the entire family Kuberas. At the same time, Udayanidhi and Durai Dayanidhi took over the entire cinema industry of the day.

Today, GSquare sells apartments all over Tamil Nadu in the name of industrial parks, destroying them and filling their stomachs.

The real estate sector as a whole has come under the control of this GSquare company. Opposition-run companies and land grabbers are now spreading the word about their siblings’ lands. People who had been in the real estate business began fleeing  as soon as GSquare arrived in the area. The situation is similar to the film industry which has been helplessly handing over the distribution rights to them with no other option.

The number of people who have sold land to the GSquare company for a pittance has begun to rise. The G Square is a smoking gun and a monumental 2G scam in making. So, the much hyped Dravidian Model of  development model of the Stalin government is nothing but a model for family enrichment at the cost of public exchequer. 

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