Historical Context Myths, legends, folktales, and folklores teach us moral lessons.  Usually, animals are personified in order to convey a dilemma and the resolution of the story is where we, the next generation, learn valuable lessons from these stories.  Our elders play a role in passing these stories down from generationContinue Reading

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The limited English language is causing confusion these days in how one perceives a teacher versus a guru.  The term ‘guru’ cannot be sufficiently translated as ‘teacher.’  A guru is much, much more than a teacher.     The term which comprises ‘gu’ and ‘ru’ usually means the dispeller of darkness. Continue Reading


Indian Hindus who grew up after independence have never fully processed the trauma of colonialism. An Article by Murali Balaji, https://religionnews.com/2022/08/12/75-years-after-indias-independence-a-lost-generation-recovers-its-hindu-faith/ In 2004 I was dispatched to India to cover the aftermath of the devastating tsunami, and afterward I took the opportunity to spend time with my grandfather in Chennai andContinue Reading


Social media and Twitter are abuzz with boycotting Aamir and his co-star Kareena’s long-delayed misadventure film – Lal Singh Chaddha #BoycottLalSinghChaddha ). Gone are the days when #Bollywood could easily and unquestionably brainwash Hindus and get them addicted to Islam, Communism, and pornography. People are smartly circulating video clips whereContinue Reading