Foxy BJP Agenda for A ChrIslamic Bharat

Historical Context
Myths, legends, folktales, and folklores teach us moral lessons.  Usually, animals are personified in order to convey a dilemma and the resolution of the story is where we, the next generation, learn valuable lessons from these stories.  Our elders play a role in passing these stories down from generation to generation.  There was a Fox.  Foxes are known to be sly and cunning, self-interested, and not known to put others before themselves.  There was a drought, a depression of sorts in the world, and this Fox was on the prowl to make his life better.  He searched near and far and one day he stumbled upon a large colony of rats.  The rats were happy-go-lucky, and not too familiar with the external threats.
Fox devised a strategy.  He decided that he’d present himself in a way to the rats that would build their trust in him.  One day he went close to the colonies and stood on two legs, head slightly turned upward and mouth open.  The rat people were first afraid of this sight but some of the brave elders decided to ask him what he was up to with this yogi-like posture. The Fox replied that he’s only standing on two legs because he does not want to put all his weight and therefore all four legs on mother earth since he respects her too much.  When the rats asked him why he had his mouth open.  The Fox replied that he is satvik and only eats air to survive.  He managed to sustain this fake-yogi behavior for days and the majority of the rats began to believe him; some even began to worship him.
The Fox began holding daily satsangs or exclusive worship sessions and began to consume the unsuspecting rats.  One day an elder noticed that the rat population was actually dwindling while the air-eating Fox was getting nice and plump.  He decided to investigate the shady situation.  The elder saw what was happening but by this time most of the rats were in complete denial and were not ready to cast any doubts on the Fox.  Others were afraid and conditioned to be sheep.  Only a handful of rat people were ready to fight the Fox establishment but their numbers were small and he was too large to fight.

The rat people are the unsuspecting Hindus who blindly believe that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has their best intentions in mind.  The BJP is actually aiding in creating a ChrIslamic State within India, where the Muslims would take the northern half and the Christians the southern half.  Modi-Shah and BJP leaders are the Foxes who seem to have sold Bharat Mata years ago and are going full speed at implementation.
BJP Fails
Zero changes have been made to the textbooks which glorify inbred Mughals, nothing has been done to recognize or change the status of Kashmiri Pandits who were driven out of their land with the threat of ‘convert or die.’  The current government has taken no steps against the massacre of cadre workers in West Bengal and has even bent over to jihadi didi instead.  There have been massive efforts at destroying temples – in the Himalayan valleys and other states down south in Tamil Nadu, with no steps taken to stop the demolition.  Freeing Hindu temples is off the table since Bhai Jaans make a fortune off of it – mainly to fund other Bhai Jaans.  Also, the government has continued to criminalize those who have stood up to them and tried to advance the Hindu cause.  Lately, the sold-out BJP has suggested that pornographic and anti-Hindu Bollywood ought not to be criticized.  They have also fired and/or jailed people like Nupur and Raja simply for ChrIslamic appeasement. The nepotistic leftist-liberal Supreme Court of India has gone so woke that it recently passed a law banning handcuffing of prisoners.  The BJP is tone-deaf and inept and the 8-month pregnant-looking pagal uncles at the top are happy with this completely broken third branch of the government.
The so-called elites have also failed at international relations and dealing with bullies like China where Bharat is least atmanirbhar than ever.  They are openly funding pasmanda multiplication and proliferation while Hindus get the short end of the stick with schemes related to inter-religious and inter-caste marriages.  These obese and out-of-touch netas are busy doing mind-numbing and useless things like ribbon cutting and laying foundation stones for various schemes that are almost always anti-Hindu in nature.  Recently we see that India’s trade deficit with China has hit past $100 billion – an all-time high.  The BJP with its impotent policies is funding the CCP/Chinese military by blindly buying things unchecked – this unconscious behavior leads to Hindus’ satyanash.  India’s ballooning trade deficit with China jumped from about $70 billion in 2021 to over $100 billion in 2022.  China, with all its shortcomings, at least knows how to deal with adversaries – the Muslim population has been sent to revisionist camps, the mosques in China have been demolished or converted to toilets and the practitioners of the desert cult are shown the same brutality which they inflict on others by the Chinese.  The Muslim world is silent as China is considered to be a formidable adversary, but the Muslim world keeps interfering in Indian affairs with sexist Mullahs giving support and gyan to hijabi disruptors and supporting baccha bazi and womb jihad in Bharat.  Actually halal jihad, population jihad, sex with animals, daughters, kids, and practices like halala are all openly promoted in India while the GoI sits in silence or worse – enables and supports these evils.
This inept government has used INFOSYS to implement Aadhar card biometric databases but who is accountable for the fraud where illegal Bangladeshi Muslims and Rohingya Muslims are passed off as Indians in Aadhar and obtain Indian Voter identification cards and Passports?  The Hindu taxpayer ends up subsidizing this golmaal.  In India, Vikas is a fake, economic guise to promote Abrahamism and the ChrIslamic agenda.  Vikas is indiscriminately cutting down trees to build eyesore buildings and unnecessary roads.  India has lost at least 90% of its forest cover in the last 100 years.  Hindu civilization was enabled and evolved in the quiet and solitude of forests where our Rishis meditated.  Vanaprastha was essentially retiring to a forest but now it is impossible to find a quiet place without sound and clatter; even DevBhoomi Uttarakhand has cheap loudspeakers blaring garbage five times a day.  The central, state and local governments are busy granting permits to construct churches and mosques while temples are deliberately or inadvertently being demolished.  The Adani Group-owned Mumbai Airport shamelessly welcomes Hajis when they return from Mecca – is there anything comparatively similar for Hindu Yatris who partake in pilgrimage all year long?  The majority in Bharat is treated much, much worse than the so-called minorities.  Vikas as tourism is paving the way for the ChrIslamic Republic of Bharat.
Garbage Consumption 
Also, when we examine what Hindus consume – they take in all types of filth through the five senses.  The eyes and ears are constantly taking in trash from Bollywood, corrupt Cricketers, pornography online, and also stupid dance shows and TV series which impose wokeism; freedom in terms of multiple sex partners and undervalue the institution of marriage while promoting sex and womb jihad.  Literally, Hindus are consuming garbage via mouth as well – there is no self-control or accountability over what to eat and how to eat; Indians are obese, and a large population suffers from Diabetes.  Physical fitness is shunned and weight training and the insides of a yoga studio/gym are like kryptonite to unhealthy desis addicted to junk food.  All foods are laced with unnecessary salts, sugars, and fats – foods are loaded with cheese, mayonnaise, and other disgusting artificial products which lead both adults and kids to stay unhealthy and physically resemble Sri Ganesha.  Unless woke and idiot desis change their lifestyles and habits, we will soon be reading about roti and phulkas in Indian history books- their discovery too will be attributed to the inbred Mughals.  The GoI is quiet like the fox and does not promote any of the ancient Indian culture in schools, colleges, or via public service announcements.  It is a shame that a country that has given birth to the science of Yoga and Ayurveda is one of the most unhealthy in the world.  There is blatant copy-paste of Ayurveda and Yoga research patents and while our Rishis figured out the food-mind-body connection centuries ago, GoI is allowing their gora masters to co-opt the ancient sciences and benefits with not even an ounce of protest.
The Revolving Door
Most Modi staffers and advisers are former employees of NGOs like the Omidyar foundation and other globalist think tanks.  NGOs might seem to be banned but there is no oversight over the revolving door which enables the evil personnel of NGOs to hobnob and penetrate the government and elite circles.  If not the likes of Omidyar, the top babus and netas are probably deriving funding from the likes of George Soros.  Also, India always embraces American ideas past their sell-by date.  Meaning, that expired and/or ideas that have not worked in the U.S. are often adopted by GoI without much concern.  There is no cost-benefit policy analysis before embracing and implementing schemes that are not fit for the Indian context. Seeking approval from the failing West has become more important than implementing context-specific and sound public policies.  Even the press, often considered to be a fourth pillar of democracy is busy maligning India at every turn and social media has been weaponized by the above-mentioned globalists and their ilk to ensure that the last living Pagan culture is turned against itself and eventually decimated.
The End
The end is grim for Hindus.  There is absolutely nothing being done to uproot the Hindu from their culture, beliefs, eating practices and other, daily functions of life.  There are no attempts by the GoI or even the likes of Yogi to start soliciting services from the youth such as 2-3 years of mandatory military or some type of service to inculcate pride and nationalism in the nation.  Hindus are self-loathing and deracinated to a point of no return.  The BJP foxes are stuffing their pockets while the idiot and unsuspecting Hindus have no idea that each of them is about to experience what an eighty-year-old lady or a fourteen-year-old Hindu girl awaits in the cruel Islamic republics of Pakistan and Bangladesh.  Every policy domain – Health, Education, Agriculture, Transportation, Environment Protection, Defense, and International Relations – seem to have been compromised to push the ChrIslamic agenda.  Hindu lambs need to be aware of foxy BJP and Congress hyenas enabling the Chrislamization of Bharat with Adharmic Christian and Muslim appeasement policies.  This fake inclusion of venomous “minorities” is at the dire expense of the Hindu.
The point of myths, legends, and lore is to teach us life lessons, mainly highlighting aspects such as trust and survival.  Hindus are being pushed on the path of Vinash in the guise of modernity and economic Vikas.  In most versions of the Fox & the Rats folktale, the lesson rats wisened up and devised a plan to destroy the Fox.  Will Hindus do the same?