Uma Anandan, Image Source- Twitter-56b59a32

The charismatic, feisty, bold and indomitable Uma Anandan on Tuesday, registered a historic victory for the Saffron party in the Greater Chennai Corporation polls. She is well known for her resolute unapologetic pro-Hindu, anti-Left and anti-EVR (EV Ramasamy) ideology. Her victory is historic not only for BJP’s first ever winContinue Reading

Twitter's Fascist Censor-a50ce184

Twitter has shown remarkable consistency for being a Fascist Hinduphobic platform censoring free speech of non-leftist pro-Hindu voices. The curious suspension of popular non-left media outlet, Kreately Media’s Twitter handle on Monday smacks of Twitter Inc attempting to influence the voting pattern in the ongoing assembly elections in the StateContinue Reading

Brazen Cow Slaughter in Haryana-c4996cda

  A shocking bone chilling video has come to light purportedly showing a hillock filled with scores of dead cows carcasses, bone wastes and heaps of cow skin on the Gurgaon-Faridabad Road, Pali area in Haryana.   This video reported by a local news channel named Khabar Khas TV wouldContinue Reading