Supreme Court of India’s Supreme Jirga Firman Against Nupur Sharma


July 1st, 2022 would be marked as the black letter day in the judicial history of independent India, which pales before even  the infamous ‘committed’ judiciary during the dark Emergency period. It is a day when the Supreme Court of India put to shame even the Afghan Talibani Sharia Courts by its Ghaziesque firman demanding an apology from a harassed and beleaguered Nupur Sharma and put her life in further peril by holding her responsible for Kanhaiyalal’s brutal murder by jihadis and asking her to face trial across India braving the blood thirsty jihadi mobs wanting to gang-rape and behead her.

Nupur had approached the apex court to bunch up and transfer all cases filed against her in various parts of India to Delhi as she faces death threats from jihadi mobsters who have vowed to gang-rape her and her mother, behead her and skin her alive in the streets of West Bengal, Hyderabad, Belgaum, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, etc. It is obviously a great security risk and harassment for her to appear in all the Magistrate courts to defend herself from the charges of Sections 295A and 153A of the IPC. Jihadi hoards openly boast that they are waiting for her to turn up at the local courts to burn her alive for her factual statements on Mohammad.

Instead of giving her the requisite relief, the Supreme Court of India has resoundingly proved itself to be a Sharia Jirga implementing Mediaeval age barbaric Islamic laws which holds the victim harassed by jihadis as criminal. The Supreme Court bench of Justices Surya Kant and J.B. Pardiwala sounded like Ghazis when they blamed Nupur Sharma for the barbaric beheading of Kanhaiya Lal by jihadis Riyaz Akhtari and Ghouse Mohammad in Udaipur and riotous Sar Tan Se Juda mobs across India in Delhi, UP, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Jammu & Kashmir.

Both the Judges made unprofessional, uncalled for remarks and  blamed Nupur Sharma for “loose talk” when she made factual reference on a TV debate on TimesNow on 27th May,  2022 by quoting the Islamic Hadiths about Mohammad marrying Ayesha when she was six years old and consummating the “marriage” when she was nine. Nupur’s statement on Mohammad was provoked by jihadi Tasleem Rahmani’s obnoxiously profane comments on the Shivling found in Gyanvapi mosque built over pre-existing ancient Kashi Vishwanath Temple demolished by Aurangzeb. Talseem Rahmani has been an ardent supporter and promoter of Islamist organization, Popular Front of India which is under scanner for alleged terrorist activities and murders of Hindu activists in Kerala, Karnataka and even in Tamil Nadu.

The Supreme Court essentially justified the barbaric riotous Islamist mobs destroying public property, burning several buses and critically hurting policemen trying to control the jihadi mobs by giving them all a clean chit and blaming Nupur Sharma for the same. 

Justices Pardiwala & Surya Kant Controversies 

It is necessary to mention here that in 2015, Justice J.B. Pardiwala as Judge in Gujarat High Court had severely criticised the clamour for reservations on the basis of caste while deciding a petition filed by Hardik Patel, who had held violent ‘protests’ for demanding reservation for Patels in employment and education. Casteist political parties raised a furore over Justice Pardiwala’s observations in the judgement and 58 signatures were submitted to the then Rajya Sabha Chairman, Hamid Ansari to impeach the Judge. Justice Pardiwala immediately expunged his scathing remarks on the reservation system to avert being impeached for the same. Notably, senior advocate Prashanth Bhushan has made some serious allegations of illegal property dealings by Justice Surya Kant when there was a proposal to elevate him as the Chief Justice of Himachal Pradesh High Court.

Since both Justices Pardiwala and Surya Kant had their share of problems earlier and had been hounded by the prominent vociferous anarchist lobby, they perhaps decided to capitulate to jihadi forces by throwing to the winds the cherished fundamental rights of freedom of speech and right to life to get the anarchist lobby off their backs and even become their heroes by castigating Nupur Sharma, putting her and all Hindu lives in danger from the murderous jihadi brigade.

Indian Govt’s Appeasement Policy Influenced Judiciary?

Apart from the general tendency of the Supreme Court and Indian judiciary in general  to very generously interpret the law in favour of Islamists, in Nupur Sharma’s case the Supreme Court judges seem to be influenced by the response of the Government of India which had through its Ministry of External Affairs issued statements calling Nupur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal “fringe elements” to appease Islamist Qatar when it threatened to not sell oil and do any business with India due to Nupur Sharma’s statement on Mohammad. This was followed by hypermarkets, malls and retailers in Gulf nations withdrawing Indian products from sales counters. However, MF Hussain who made a series of offensive disgusting obscene nude paintings of Hindu female deities was accorded citizenship by Islamist Qatar in 2010 and India did not even bother to lodge a formal diplomatic protest against it.  

 The Indian government instead of resolutely standing by right to freedom of speech, behaved like a colony of Islamic nations, with the National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval assuring Arab nations that the ‘blasphemers’ would be punished and claiming Nupur Sharma ‘has damaged India’s reputation’. The ruling party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, suspended its spokesperson, Nupur Sharma from the party for six years and Naveen Jindal was sacked from the party merely for making factual statements about Mohammad. This set a signal for the Supreme Court, which instead of coming to Nupur Sharma’s aid by allowing clubbing of cases against her to be heard in Delhi, issued Ghaziesque firmans against her putting the whole Indian civilization to shame.       

Abuse of Hindu Deities Is Freedom of Speech!    

Notably, when Prof. Ratan Lal of Delhi University made highly offensive comments on Shivling in the social media, the Courts reprimanded the Delhi Police for arresting him and charging him under Sections 295A and 153A of the IPC and immediately gave him bail by saying freedom of speech and expression is sacrosanct even if it offends the religious sentiments of Hindu community. Senior journalist and anti-Hindu propagandist, Saba Naqvi made obnoxious tweets by putting up a picture of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Mumbai, which has a large elongated dome and sarcastically provoked Hindus to claim it as a Shivling. These hate-filled posts by the likes of TMC MP, Mahua Moitra, Ratan Lal, Saba Naqvi and several other big blue-ticked Twitter handles of leftists and jihadis abusing Shivling as phallus worship did not provoke nation-wide riots from Hindu community. The Hindus reacted to such grave provocations by writing counter posts on social media while some took legal recourse against them.

Sar Tan Se Juda A Norm For Criticism of Mohammad & Islam

Contrastingly, Muslim community reacted to statements made by Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal on Muhammad with murderous riotous mobs seeking to behead Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal. Nupur Sharma merely quoted authentic Hadiths of Shahih Bukhari and Quranic verses which have been cited by Islamic scholars several times. In fact, the jihadi terror doctor, Zakir Naik has himself quoted the Hadiths on Mohammad and Ayesha to give religious sanction to 60+ year old Muslim men “marrying” young minor girl children even today. So, the problem lies with the barbaric murderous jihadis who are brainwashed in Madrasas from a very young age that punishment for criticism of Islam and Mohammad is decapitation.

This is not the first time the Islamic mob went on a rampage destroying public property and two jihadis from Rajasthan with Pakistani connection with special motorbike number plate “2611”, in reference to Mumbai terror attack 26/11, audaciously beheaded a 40 year old Hindu tailor, Kahiyalal in Udaipur. Massive murderous jihadi mobs in lakhs went on a rampage, across North India, last year with the same slogan, “Gustak e Rasul ki ek hi saza, Sar Tan Se Juda, Sar Tan Se Juda” in the midst of Covid pandemic, when the Dasna high priest, Yati Narasinghanand criticized Islam and Muhammad. The Islamists egged on by Islamic leaders went on a riot spree across India when Waseem Rizvi petitioned the Supreme Court to delete 26 controversial verses in Quran which promoted terrorism against Kafirs i.e. non-believers of Islam. Waseem was issued death threats when he adopted Hindu Dharma after renouncing Islam recently. In this case too, the Supreme Court appeased the jihadis and failed the reformist by summarily dismissing Rizvi’s petition without even examining the matter by imposing monetary fine.

Islamic stone pelting mobs and targeted killings of Hindus are a regular feature in the Kashmir Valley even now, is Nupur Sharma responsible for all of this? The unassailable reason for such blood thirsty riotous behaviour is, Muslims even in the 21st century today, follow Islam in the same barbaric manner from the time it was founded in the 6th century. Criticism and debate about Islam is completely banned and swiftly punished with beheadings – be it for Charlie Hebdo cartoons on Mohammad or some purported “blasphemy” by a school teacher, Samuel Paty in France. Tasleema Nasreen and Salman Rushdie have never led a normal life after penning Lajja and Satanic Verses respectively.

Kamlesh Tiwari was mercilessly stabbed to death by jihadis in his own house, five years after he spoke about Mohammad and Ayesha. Farooq, a rationalist from Tamil Nadu was hacked to death by jihadis for his criticism of Islam on social media in 2017. Ramalingam was mercilessly butchered to death in 2019 by jihadis in Tanjavur for resisting Dawah (invitation to convert to Islam) mafia. Vellaiappan was brutally murdered by jihadis for spreading awareness against Sex Jihad in 2013 in Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Prashanth Poojary was publicly lynched by jihadis in Karnataka for resisting illegal cow smuggling and slaughter in 2015.  Krishna Bharwad was shot dead by jihadis in Gujarat for his sarcasm of Islam on Facebook in January this year. The list is endless. There is a continuing genocide of Hindus in Jammu and Kashmir where targeted killing of Hindus is business as usual for jihadis.

Beheading For Blasphemy of Islam in Colonial Period 

In pre-independence period, other than the myriad jihadi riots across India killing millions of Hindus,  Swami Shradananda was brutally murdered for criticisng Islam, Mahashe Rajpal was murdered by a jihadi for publishing Rangeela Rasul, a satire on marital life of Islam’s founder, Muhammad. In both cases, MK Gandhi, the dubious pacifist Ahimsavadi, was not only critical of Swami Shradananda and Mahashe Rajpal but also justified their brutal murders by the jihadis. Mahashe Rajpal published Rangeela Rasool in response to three sacrilegious books published and circulated in mosques of North India during that period namely, “Sita ka Chinala”, which portrayed Goddess Sita as a prostitute,  “Krishna Teri Geeta Jalani Padegi” and “Unnisvi Sadi ka Lampat Mahrishi”.

Beheading for so-called ‘blasphemy’ is not something new, it is as old as Islam and is an essential feature of Islam, scaring everyone to silence and deterring criticism of Islam. While all religions in the world have faced their share of criticism, including predatory dogmatic Christianity. All faiths other than Islam have world over given up primitive decapitation as punishment for blasphemy, while Islam still holds on intransigently to the barbaric Medieval age practices. It is pertinent to note that Hindu Dharma never had blasphemy law right from the beginning. 

Geert Wilders Questions Supreme Court & GoI, Calls Nupur Brave

Followers of Islam throughout the world run riot on a killing spree for perceived “blasphemy”. Geert Wilders, Dutch member of Parliament came out in support of Nupur Sharma for speaking factual truths about Mohammad. He also urged the Government of India to not appease the Islamic nations and jihadi elements in India and stand by Nupur Sharma for her bold statements when she was unceremoniously suspended from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party for her statements on Muhammad. Notably, Geert Wilders’ life changed when he made a documentary on Muhammad and Islam 20 years ago which resulted in constant death threats from Islamists.  Geert Wilders too was bewildered with the Supreme Court’s order and wondered whether democratic India had Sharia Court.  

Supreme Court’s Double Standards

The Supreme Court, which has a history of treating people who abuse Hindu deities/Hinduism and people calling for the destruction of the nation as “free speech champions”, “rationalists” and “human rights activists”, today takes offence to Nupur Sharma’s statement on Mohammad. For the Supreme Court calling for waging a war against India by Maoists like Gautam Navlakha, Sudha Bharadwaj and umpteen Jihadis is “dissent” and “safety valve of pressure cooker” in a democracy.

Justice DY Chandrachud  openly claimed that the judiciary needs to be anti-majoritarian, so rule of law, justice and equality seems to be subject to the religion of the person approaching the courts for justice. 

Till Nupur Sharma’s case, there has been many occasions when the Supreme Court has allowed desecration of Temple traditions (Sabarimala case), banned traditional burning of firecrackers during Deepavali, allowed government take over of Hindu Temples singularly while staying away from controlling mosques and churches, formed a Constitutional Bench to determine whether Sanskrit shloka “Asato Ma Sadgamaya” recited in Kendriya Vidyalaya school prayer is communal, etc. – all done by giving woke interpretations of constitutional fundamental rights. While the same apex judiciary either endlessly drags on petitions seeking ban on FGM among Bohra Muslim community, allowing entry of women in mosques; washes its hands off petitions seeking ban on polygamy among Muslims and all types of unilateral Talaq by claiming it as exclusive domain of the Parliament.

UR Ananthamurthy Urinated On Idol

In another note, communist writer UR Ananthamurthy, born in a traditional Brahmin family in an Agraharam, in his autobiography had boasted about how he “overcame” the fear of God by urinating on a Hindu deity idol as a 10 year old boy. He even proudly mentioned about his feat in an interview to Indian Express. UR Ananthamurthy was bestowed with Jnanpith in 1994 and Padma Bhushan in 1998. UR Ananthamurthy was never tried legally for outraging the religious sentiments of Hindus, neither did Hindus run amuck calling to behead him for his highly obnoxious writings. The author of this article has serious doubts if he would have ever dared to urinate on a Hindu religious idol as a 10 year old  while he lived in an Agraharam as a child. He most probably invented this act to look cool in front of his commie and anti-Hindu mentors to climb the social ladder in anglophile circles after his stint abroad for education. It is one thing to question idol worship, it is another issue to be deliberately provocative by urinating on idols. Many Sanatani Hindu intellectuals did criticize his infantile ignoramus understanding of idol worship but none called for his punishment by incarceration, leave alone brutal murder.


With such legacy, the Supreme Court certainly comes across as a Sharia Jirga when it declares Nupur Sharma as a threat to national security! Leave alone Mohammad Zubair of the Alt News, he amplified Nupur’s statements on social media as a dutiful jihadi Muslim, it is the Supreme Court and supine Government of India which dog-whistled and egged on the jihadis to hunt down Nupur Sharma for quoting the Hadiths on Ayesha’s age when she was married to Mohammad.

Pertinently, the Supreme Court few years back threw out petitions by Kashmiri Hindus seeking justice for the genocide in 1989 by claiming it as old case! So if you are a Hindu in India you neither have Freedom of Speech nor basic human rights of right to live. Justices Pardiwala and Surya Kant sacrificed the exalted values of fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression which is the hallmark of a civilized nation at the altar of Islamic Jihad. It seems like Justices Surya Kant and Pardiwala have in their wisdom amended the Preamble of the Constitution of India to declare India as an Islamic Republic.    

Welcome to the neo-Sharia Land!

Should Hindus do a Palace of Justice Siege if they want some semblance of justice from a Sharia Compliant Jirga as impeachment does not seem to be a viable option with all political parties falling over each other to appease Islamists.

Time for Hindus to hit the streets for justice or simply perish.

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