Sushil Pandit Unmasks Hypocrisy of Pompous Rajmohan Gandhi

The recent spate of Muslim mob attacks across India during Ramanavami and Hanuman Jayanti celebrations left many Hindus severely injured, even police forces trying to control the situation were not spared by the jihadis.

Following this brutal attack in more than nine states in Rajasthan (Karauli), Madhya Pradesh (Khargone, Badwani), West Bengal (Bankudi), Gujarat (Sabarkantha, Anand), Jharkhand (Lohardaga) and Delhi (Jahangirpuri, JNU) when the administration started taking action on the jihadi mobsters, the usual suspects jumped into their defence and began painting the jihadi culprits as victims. 


Sushil Pandit in his trademark incisive critique took on one such prominent Islamist terror apologist, so-called peacenik and “Ahimsavaadi”, Rajmohan Gandhi who had claimed-   

“Muslims have only two choices: being bullied or bulldozed. If they put up with this public humiliation, they are cowards in their own eyes. If they retaliate, they are criminals to be swooped down on by the police…”

Sushil Pandit pointed out that, “This is how Rajmohan, a pompous Gandhi legatee and unabashedly selective & equivocal about invoking non-violence, rationalised the rioting by the Muslim mobs across India, disrupting several major Hindu festivals.”

Sushil further exposed the fact that the Muslim mob attacks were pre-planned and well prepared and not some instantaneous reactions on “provocation” as it is made out to be. Sushil wrote, “But he (Rajmohan) didn’t bother to ask himself as to how did they know so well in advance that our public celebrations were going to be such a provocation and humiliation for them, that they stockpiled missiles on their roof-tops and mobilised armed thugs in large numbers, to lie in wait for our commemorative processions and Shobha yatras?”

Sushil asked Rajmohan whether he would justify violence due to the grave provocation of blaring from the loudspeakers daily five times a day asserting supremacy of Allah. Sushil said, “Will he, similarly, ever justify violence in response to a grave provocation and humiliation, inherent in their assertion proclaimed several times a day, that there is no true god worthy of worship but Allah?”

Sushil further asked Rajmohan, whether he would endorse the act of reclaiming the mosques built with Temple debris after demolishing them. Sushil sharply asked, “Will he, ever so generously, endorse violence in response to the abiding humiliation of mosques built over our most sacred spaces in Mathura, Kashi, Srinagar, Dhar, Datta Peeth and more, very often using the debris and desecrated & smashed moortis from the pre-existing temples demolished there ?”

Sushil without mincing his words asked, “Will he similarly rationalise violence against the very book & theology, propagated and practised in our faces, that proclaims us infidels- Kafirs, and therefore a legitimate target of plunder and butchery?”

Lastly, Sushil asked whether Rajmohan was following the hypocrisy practised by his famous ancestor, “Or, is he a specimen of trans-generational hypocrisy, genetically transmitted from the original hypocrite, of whom he is a proud legatee?”.

In any case, Rajmohan is only treading on the footsteps of the genesis of fake and dubious Ahimsa practiced by the original sinner, MK Gandhi who was very infamously peeved at the acquittal of Swami Shraddananda by the Courts for criticising Islam and Mohammad and incited jihadis to directly take their retributive revenge for “justice”. Our God of non-violence, MK Gandhi also justified the brutal murder of Swami Shraddananda by jihadi Abdul Rashid and even called him his brother.

MK Gandhi’s role in promoting the monstrously violent Khilafat Movement which resulted in wholesale massacre of lakhs of Hindus, brutal rapes and conversions is all too well established and acknowledged even by Dr. BR Ambedkar.

It is time Hindu society exposes the double standards of these pretentious and sanctimonious professional “peaceniks”. 


Input Source: (9) Sushil Pandit | Facebook

Image sourced from the internet.