Kudos to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for registering a thumping landslide electoral victory in the recently concluded Gujarat Assembly elections with a record number of seats, the largest ever in history even after a continuous rule of over 27 years. The BJP under the undiminishing popularity of PM Narendra Modi won a historic 156 of total 182 seats beating the Indian National Congress’ record of 149 seats under the giantly figure of Madhav Singh Solanki in 1985.  

The BJP made some very significant inroads in the Muslim dominated seats in Gujarat which is more likely to steer its leadership towards a greater Bohra and Pasmanda appeasement policy. The BJP leaders have already started boasting to be the real saviours of ‘minorities’ and to have showered multiple times more money – over 20,000 crores per year centrally, devised exclusive ‘minority’ oriented scholarship and soft loan schemes than the Indian National Congress (INC) ever did. 

Gujarat has always been a state with a proud Hindu identity and its people have always spread the rich culture and traditions of Gujarati Hindus all over the world. There is no corner in the world where you will not find a Patel shop or where Garba is not celebrated during Navaratri. Gujarat has historically too fought Islamic invasions very fiercely and defended their turf against barbaric invaders. The humble trader of Gujarat with great communication skills and efficiency in his area of trade, when attacked for being a Hindu, would unfailingly fight back in all adverse conditions.

Christian missionaries try to play mischief in the tribal belt of Gujarat and run their conversion factories, which have been countered by the committed Hindu activists of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram. Swami Aseemanand, an ex-Naxal turned Hindu activist, has worked extensively in these tribal belts of Gujarat to stop the soul vultures from targeting innocent Vanavasis. Aseemananda was dragged in the fictitious “Saffron Terror” case along with Sadhvi Pragya and Colonel Purohit just to stall his good social work to empower the Vanavasis and destroy all the infrastructure system put in place by him in the tribal areas to counter the Church mafia.

The INC and the fledgling Aam Aadmi Party have won a seat each in this tribal belt which was a stronghold of the INC thanks to the entrenchment of missionary factories there. The BJP has done handsomely well in this tribal belt area too which is evidence of a healthy Gharwapasi network bearing electoral fruits.

Gujarat in general is considered as a laboratory of Hindu politics, a mini-Hindu Rashtra. Hindu politics still has a long road ahead considering the disturbing increase in demography of Muslims in many pockets of Gujarat pushing out Hindus from the area despite BJP running the state for over two decades and a half. The Dwarka islands, very holy and revered by Hindus world over as the abode of Sri Krishna was claimed by the Wakf Board recently as Wakf property as 90 percent of the population there had become Muslim.

The Kutch area is turning alarmingly Islamic. A part of Rann of Kutch called Kala Dungar or Black Hill and areas lying on either side of the strategically important National Highway 341 which connects Bhuj and Kala Dungar has seen a dramatic change in demography. This area is extremely sensitive as it lies in the border area of Pakistan.

As one stands atop Dungar Hill and looks across and over the salt flats and bushland towards Pakistan, one sees patches of land occupied illegally by Muslims. The whole Rann has been declared Forest land and is under the control of the Forest Department. So, obviously this surreptitious Islamisation has been happening in connivance with forest officials. BSF patrols this area too. It is anybody’s guess whether illegal occupation by Muslims of this protected ‘forest area’ was done either in active connivance of the BSF or by turning a blind eye to avoid being branded as an “Islamophobic” for taking acting action on illegal encroachers. Complaints about this have been made in the local papers and to Gujarat Government by a vigilant resident, but they have fallen on deaf ears.

The BJP with a whopping landslide majority of more than 80 percent of Assembly seats is very unlikely to check the growth of Muslim population in Kutch, Morbi, Bet Dwarka, etc. With the PM’s philosophy of “Ek haath me Kuran aur Ek haath me Computer”, we would only have deadlier Islamist terrorists taking advantage of special subsidized education, scholarships and special coaching for ‘minorities’ to crack PSC & UPSC exams, thus aiding UPSC and PSC Jihad. Hindus taxpayers are in effect paying for their own conversion through these appeasement schemes of the government. So, the more things change, the more they remain the same. Hindus need to create more awareness against these self-defeating government policies, organise themselves politically and socially to be a power to reckon with and not be entrapped into the divisive reservation politics which compartmentalise Hindus in various silos taking us down one by one.

Hindus as a community lack Shatrubodh – we don’t KNOW the nature of our enemy. The slogan of वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम has been so internalised by Hindus that we have lost the ability to identify our enemy and its true nature. Nowhere is this more manifest than among our politicians. And this portends great danger for our nation. The politicians, across party lines, in their search for votes and power, will pander to the demands of the special groups. The BJP is no exception. These groups will leverage their votes to get special, sometimes illegal concessions from the powers that be. When this inevitably happens, it will push BJP away from its core vote bank – the Hindutva voters. The BJP is slowly shifting to the centre and then not knowing when to stop, it will move to the left with excessive pandering to extortionist Abrahamic faiths. That would mark its 180° flip and it is already happening. Substitution of Hindutva ideology with the WOKE left ideology will mark this 180° flip. It is happening already and will start gaining speed once the Pasmanda Muslim outreach is made part of BJP core ideology.

The time is now ripe for full-fledged Hindu politics in Gujarat, by completely decimating the in-your-face anti-Hindu political parties like INC, AAP, etc. It is high time for alternative Hindu politics to start kicking in the State, to ensure Hindu oriented politics in government as well as opposition.

Many BJP ruled state governments, including Uttar Pradesh, gives cash incentives for inter-faith marriages. Each couple is rewarded with Rs. 50,000 in Uttar Pradesh. This policy has been in place for over four decades, but with BJP coming to power, especially with Yogi Adityanath being the Chief Minister, one would expect that such dubious schemes promoting Womb jihad are done away with as it is a well-established fact that ‘inter-faith’ marriages are invariably one way traffic of Hindu girls marrying men from Abrahamic faiths, eventually converting and aiding demographic depletion of Hindus. Thus, Hindu taxpayers are essentially subsidizing their own conversions and demographic marginalization. It is appalling that at one end Hindus are reeling under a pandemic of Womb Jihad with little help coming from the state for preventing the same, while at the other end the same state incentivizes so-called ‘inter-faith’ marriages. The anti-conversion laws also become ineffective as the state actively promotes ‘interfaith marriages’ as an ideal. Such self-destructive ‘secular’ schemes need to be immediately abolished. In any case, it is not the business of the State to act as a marriage bureau, when basic amenities like providing potable drinking water, sanitation, education and good quality affordable health services are still lacking.

It is high time the Hindu Mahasabha resurrects itself and starts growing strong roots as an alternative to the Bharatiya Janata Party for healthy competitive Hindu politics taking care of Hindu interests with zero appeasement of Abrahamists policy and making special laws for protecting Hinduism, Hindu places of worship and Hindu traditions. We now need a blanket anti-conversion law which would ban all forms of conversion, forceful or otherwise and Hinduism to be declared as a protected State religion. We need laws which would actively promote and incentivize Gharwapasis. With India being the origin of Hinduism and the only country for Hindus in the world, we can ill afford to lose our dominant presence in the country. Hindus are already a minority in Jammu and Kashmir, Northeastern states, Kerala and several other pockets of India which are mini-Pakistans or Christendoms.

Hindu Temples need to be freed from government control which mismanages and usurps the thousands of crores of Temple income for non-Hindu ‘secular’ purposes. The money generated from Temple income can go a long way in preservation of the ancient Temples; financially support traditional priests, musicians, servitors of the Temple; promote scholarly Vedic studies, train Hindus in Indian classical dance and music, run high quality multi-speciality hospitals and schools where poor Hindus can avail free treatment and education. The BJP honchos promise freeing of Temple from government control in Kerala and Tamil Nadu as election promises as it has little hopes of coming to power in the immediate future there. The same BJP in states where it is in power, acquires more Temples under government control and sings a different tune when the hardcore supporters remind them of their promise to restore the Temples to the original Sampradayik stakeholders.

There is a crying need for a complete overhaul of our education system in sync with Hindu ethos, especially in the social sciences and history departments where academics is still dominated by leftist worldview. The basic NCERT school textbooks peddling blinkered leftist narrative eulogising India’s invaders, denigrating the glorious Vedic civilization and completely ignoring the history of resistance offered by Hindu kingdoms to brutal Abrahamic invading hordes still remain unchanged despite the eight long years of BJP in power at the Centre.

In this scenario, Hindus definitely need an alternative Hindu political party to serve as a good constructive opposition to take up Hindu causes, check BJP’s minority appeasement policy and develop as a governance alternative. The Hindu Mahasabha being the only right wing Hindu organization without RSS DNA and laser focus on only Hindu issues could be a viable option for Hindus. But before the Hindu Mahasabha can be that beachhead in the sea of mediocre minoritism it has to shake off its lethargy and be seriously willing to take the mantle of Hindu cause and welfare. But the onus is not only upon the Mahasabha. Hindus too need to lend our support to the party by actively giving it leadership and urging it to stridently take up Hindu causes. Once we, the common Hindu invigorate the Hindu Mahasabha, it will motivate the party to start on the journey for revival of true Hindu politics. 

It is high time Hindu society decisively moves towards a formal effective Hindu Rashtra with political, economic, educational and religious freedom for Hindus with the homeland of Sri Krishna blowing the conch for a HINDU REPUBLIC.

Acknowledgements: Ayudhika for providing news input on increasing unchecked Islamisation of Kutch. Vineet Saxena for his valuable inputs on mobilizing Hindu Mahasabha.

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