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Fascist Twitter Suspends Kreately Media To Influence Assembly Elections? 2020 US Presidential Elections Redux?

Twitter has shown remarkable consistency for being a Fascist Hinduphobic platform censoring free speech of non-leftist pro-Hindu voices. The curious suspension of popular non-left media outlet, Kreately Media’s Twitter handle on Monday smacks of Twitter Inc attempting to influence the voting pattern in the ongoing assembly elections in the State of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa and Uttarakhand. It is reminiscent of the 2020 US Presidential Elections fiasco where President Donald Trump’s supporters’ Twitter handles were systematically suspended by Twitter to influence election outcomes.

The suspension reeks of suspicious ulterior motives as during elections competing fake news and distorted facts are put out by the leftist infested ‘mainstream media’ which is no more than pamphleteering to create bias against the BJP to influence voters. Twitter’s silencing of Kreately is seen as move to not let a counter narrative thrive busting the propaganda of the leftist media with visceral hatred for Hindus, BJP, Yogi Adityanath and PM Modi. 

It seems to be quite apparent that despite the ostentatious change of guard from self-confessed leftist Jack Dorsey to Parag Agarwal has not altered its anti-Hindu bias and predictable suppression of prominent influential pro-Hindu voices. Twitter’s endorsement of secessionist Maoists and Jihadist terrorist elements is an open secret.

Recently, senior journalist Aarti Tikoo’s Twitter account was arbitrarily suspended in December when she Tweeted about the death threats received by her brother, a persecuted religious minority Kashmiri Pandit, from Jihadist elements in the Kashmir Valley. Her account remained suspended for nearly a month till she challenged the suspension in the Delhi High Court and the Court issued notice to Twitter on her petition for muzzling her fundamental rights of speech and expression.

This oppression of free press also comes at a time when there is a raging frenzy created in Karnataka by Jihadis and their leftist friends to impose the regressive  Hijab Jihad in schools and colleges by refusing to follow the mandated school/college uniforms. The Fascist axe on Kreately seems to have fallen due to its robust counter to the imposition of Sharia in a ‘secular’ democratic country by insistence on wearing Burkha/Hijab to government and private schools and colleges in contravention to the uniform dress rules.

Kreately Media has also been highlighting victims of jihadi violence and evangelist conversion mafia snuffing out innocent lives of vulnerable children by raising funds for the victims’ families. They have successfully raised funds for the family of Sanjith a RSS Karyakarta lynched by the jihadi PFI terrorists in Kerala. They also raised funds for the family of Lavanya a young 12th standard student who was driven to commit suicide due to intense torture at the hands of her Convent school teachers because she refused to convert to Christianity.

Kreately certainly would not be the last to suffer Twitter tyranny and there is more to come as the Big Tech Companies acting as modern East India Companies are trying to play the big daddies dictating to Indian citizens which government should be voted in and what kind of lifestyle and ideological choices should they make.

It’s also a shame that the Central government headed by the BJP has not taken any firm steps to penalise Twitter despite its outright refusal to follow the law of the land. It is time the neo-East India Company is shown the door by the self-respecting nationalist Hindu users of the micro-blogging site Twitter by adopting the Desi Koo.

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