BJP Apes Dravidianist Appeasement Politics In Tamil Nadu

With vote bank appeasement politics dominating governance and political practice in India, the Bharatiya Janata Party, said to be a party with difference, too has succumbed to this urge and is picking up unqualified minority and Scheduled caste members for an appearance of upholding social justice. The worst part of this exercise is claiming non-existent news as truth, trying to convince people of false history, and praising unqualified people as leaders.

It is a shame that BJP is following the same path of dishonest appeasement politics after seeing other parties  grow adopting these dubious policies.

Congress and Dravidian parties have always manufactured false history, created caste conflicts in the name of social equity and justice by making the goondas who indulge in violence and caste supremacy as leaders, and also pay tribute to fountainheads of such destructive politics.

Communists are rootless wonders living in their own world with leaders and ideology outside India. Its politics centres around exacerbating the agrarian crisis. The communist party thrives by exploiting the working class by claiming to work for enforcing their rights against the exploitative rich.

My concern is that it is foolish to think that social justice can be created by celebrating a false history and unworthy people even when the truth is known.

Be it minorities or the scheduled castes, there are many genuine leaders among them; why cannot the BJP identify them and give them recognition? This will strengthen the unity and sovereignty of India, but when wrong people are supported and popularised for money and votebanks then it is bound to lead to social disorder in the near future.

There is a fear that the BJP is now doing the same mistake made by the Dravidian parties in its zest to be trendy and shed the image of being branded as a Brahmin party. Unduly favouring other castes is not going to help BJP’s growth and is certainly a cause of deep concern to nationalist Hindus who hoped for positive politics in Tamil Nādu to lift it from the labyrinth of negative violent Dravidianist supremacist politics.

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