A Personal Tryst With Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

A Personal Tryst With Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.When I was 10-11 something, my elder brother who is a Netaji enthusiast used to tell me stories about Gumnami baba who was Netaji in disguise. I didn’t understand all that much but later in high school when I was taught that Netaji died in a plane crash in 1945, I confronted my brother to which he said that the plane crash was a lie. He went on to tell me that Army vehicle used to visit Gumnami baba as well. Well, I didn’t have much to think over this for a long time to come.Years passed by and I had got married into a Bengali family and was settled in Netaji’s own city. No, I didn’t think this way until the recent past. I used to be a loner in this alien city years ago when I had come here. Come 2016, the news of govt declassifying the files of Netaji was personally a big thing for me and all I waited for was to know if Netaji was Gumnami baba or not. Those files were not declassified and the disappointed me soon forgot about this. In 2016 itself, I had decided to take up the spiritual path ‘officially’. In the 1st week of January 2018, I received my formal Deeksha in the path of Kriya Yoga. Two weeks later, on the evening of Netaji’s birth anniversary, a senior Kriya Yogi from Jammu happened to ask me if I was aware that Netaji was also a Kriya Yogi? I was simply thrilled at this new discovery and felt immensely good deep down.Netaji had received Deeksha in the lineage of Lahiri Mahasaya in 1939. He used to meditate at the first Dhyan Kendra set up by Paramhansa Yogananda in Kolkata and he would go deep into meditation and would levitate as well. This is some incredible Yogic mastery. In the belongings of Gumnami baba, a picture of Lahiri Mahasaya, the book – Autobiography of a Yogi were also found.Well, in 2018 itself, something peculiar happened. Raj, my husband, who too has been a Netaji enthusiast since he was young started reading books on Gumnami baba mystery frantically. Books by Anuj Dhar, Adheer Som, Kingshuk Nag, a few books in Bengali lined up at home one after another. Our family friend Debarat, like many Bengalis, would not believe in this Gumnami baba – Netaji angle. A discussion between Raj and Debarat went to a deep level in which they finally decided to go to Faizabad, UP, where Gumnami baba was living till he passed away in 1985. In July, both these guys reached Faizabad. They didn’t have any clue about whom to approach in Faizabad, would they at all come across anyone or anything.. but they went. The only information available in public domain is that Gumnami baba lived at Ram Bhavan in Faizabad. Raj and Debarat reached Ram Bhavan and things surprisingly turned really positive for them. Shakti Singh, who runs a non profit forum on Netaji and had known Gumnami baba since he was a college student welcomed them. He was incredibly happy to have visitors from Netaji’s city – Kolkata.Shakti Singh narrated tales of Gumnami baba, tales about this extraordinary man who was supremely intelligent, deeply spiritual and spoke highly mysterious and unbelievable things. He called another person named Ravindra Shukla who would also visit Gumnami baba along with Shakti Singh. Raj and Debarat visited the house of Rita Banerjee the next day. She is the last survivor who had seen Netaji innumerable times and knows well that Gumnami baba was none other than Netaji. Through Shakti Singh, Debarat and Raj got in touch with Anuj Dhar as well. They returned home with heart rendering and over whelming stories or Netaji /Gumnami baba. Shakti Singh told them – “Aapke Calcutta se Netaji ko yahan poochne koi nahi aata. Aap log wapas jaiye aur Calcutta mei logon ko bataiye ki Netaji yahan the.”GUMNAMI BABA WAS NETAJIAn RTI filed by Mission Netaji has revealed that the electropherogram report of the DNA test done on Gumnami baba’s teeth is missing. Probably no DNA test done ever. Another RTI filed 4 years ago revealed that many intelligence files on Netaji have been destroyed during Indira Gandhi’s rule. The so called remains of Netaji in Renkoji Temple in Japan are available for DNA testing but the government is simply not interested in doing it… what is the fear of the govt? Why does so much of effort go behind wiping off the identity of this one person?A couple of months ago I came to know of a book called – Oi Mahamanab Ase (The Great Man comes). This book can be called a book of revelations of future, a book which contains deep spiritual knowledge, a book which talks about world politics, wars.. This book contains the sayings of Gumnami baba which were recorded by people who would visit him from Kolkata. This book is available only in Bengali. While I speak and understand Bengali fairly well, I can’t read and write Bengali and I have cursed myself for not learning to read Bengali which I easily could have. I have tried reading this book using Google translator but it is not possible to read an entire book in this manner. I’m determined now to learn to read Bengali just to read this one book!Gumnami baba lived in dilapidated houses in different parts of UP. He was financially broke until Leela Roy, an old friend of his and a freedom fighter found him through Pavitra Mohan Roy, the secret service agent of INA; they took care of all his needs. These people took down notes of all baba would speak and it is available in the form of this book.Anuj Dhar mentions when he came to know that Gumnami baba had said that he never went to Taihoku and no plane crash happened, Dhar asked the Taiwan government to reveal the details of plane crash and that’s how we know that no plane crash happened on 17th August 1945! Gumnami baba has spoken about Siberian concentration camps. He spoke about how he had advised Ho Chi Minh to drop drugs on the American side and then to go for Guerrilla warfare and thats how American soldiers consumed lot of drugs and they lost the Vietnam War.Ravindra Shukla recalls how after the killing of Indira Gandhi, Gumnami baba was banging the table before him and said – “maine Kao se bola tha ki security change kar do.” Ravindra Shukla didn’t understand what was the baba talking about. Years later it was learnt that RN Kao was the chief of RAW and was in charge of security of Indira Gandhi and this person is a person about whom barely anyone knows!I came across a few notes on astral travelling written by Gumnami baba in the books he was reading. Another place, I found his mention of terms like vyom and maha vyom. These terms are used to explain the Akash Tattva in Tantric literature. These things gave me a clear understanding how advanced he was on spiritual level. He knew how to function at the sukshma (astral) level.Gumnami baba was Netaji.. Netaji who entered India in early 50s through Nepal. He kept saying that his coming out in public was not in the interest of people of India. Here was a man who had been tortured in the Siberian concentration camp, lived in almost poverty after entering India.. yet all he cared for was his motherland..he was not ready to accept the partition of India and felt like a son who was unable to save his mother from being ripped apart.. during his end days of life, Netaji had deeply missed his hometown Kolkata and he left with an deep sense of loss.. a country for which he gave away every bit of his and the same homeland in which he was homeless..Many people question how could Netaji travel from Siberia to India.. there are missing links for sure.. but, he was Subhash Bose.. do we still know how did he escape in 1941 when he was under house arrest by the British? He was the same person who planted an entire plane crash theory and escaped.. a man who raised an Army and planned to attack the British from outside of India…aren’t these enough proof of his supreme level of intelligence, of his ability to trick?I am waiting for the government to declassify the intelligence files which will clear the picture of this great Hero of India about whom the nation still knows very less and the real son of this nation about whom each Indian must know in detail so that the false detailing of Gandhi clan can be erased.Source: Priya Mishra (account posted on facebook)